Thursday, July 2, 2020

Quilt News Along the River, Hand Piecing Progress and Thankful for the Fourth of July!

Many years ago with one of my darling babies.

Fourth of July fireworks stand in town.

Hand Piecing into sections and arranging.

A different angle.

Happy July and almost the Fourth already!
Quilt news from along side the river where temperatures are in the 90's this week.

There are firework stands open around town and I heard some experimenting with fireworks going on last night. I think sparklers were my favorite when I was a kid. What was your favorite?

And I am grateful and thankful for all those who through the years have held our nation dear enough to serve and give their lives for our freedom and safety. And for those simple folk in my family who immigrated to this nation in hope of a better life. Who farmed and while not ever being rich, they had food and clothes and safety and self respect.
My God we have so much to be thankful for!

More hand piecing has been accomplished. It's not the fastest process but after a while when your hand eye co-ordination improves you pick up speed. And I have found a YouTube video showing the hand piecing technique of Mieko of Mieko Happytime. She does amazing work. Her blocks and fabrics are beautiful. 

That my friends is the quilt news from along side the American River. 

Is freedom really the ability to do anything you want whenever you want? I overheard a veteran say after he had been complimented for serving our country and protecting our freedoms, 
'You know, real freedom is a state of mind.'
God bless him and all those brave veterans who have served and gave their lives for our country.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Quilt News, Hand Piecing Plaid Blocks, Wild Turkeys, Happy Summer!

Fountain at El Dorado Hills.

Folsom, Old Town clock tower.

Neighborhood Wild Turkey.

Hand piecing patchwork, fabric from thrift shop.

Happy summer and Father's Day!
Quilt News from alongside the river.
The weather is hot and good for morning sightseeing. 

The local wild turkeys stroll through the neighborhood in the morning looking for bugs. There are several adults and various sizes of youngsters, peeping as they scratch along. Fun to watch.

I hunted through a thrift shop and found some cotton plaid shirts, just the thing for a summer project.
I cut them up and measured out the fabric and I don't think the price I paid for them was any better than I can get for yardage using coupons at Jo Ann Fabric. And when Missouri Star Quilt Company has a Daily Deal and offers free shipping, it doesn't get better than that.
So I'm not at all won over that using thrift shop clothing is any great deal.
I suppose if you compared that price with the super expensive yardage at specialty shops, $14.00 a yard, well thrift shop old shirts are a better price.

Anyway it's a good experiment, and I think there's an art to shopping at thrift shops, the more you practice the better you get at it, so I've heard.

Happy Father's Day! I was going through old photos and found one of my Dad in his younger days, I sure miss him. He was dedicated and steady, priceless!

Hope you're making progress on projects, I'll be by to visit.
Remembering to be thankful alongside the river.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Quilt News! Happy June, Yellow the color for June, Embroidered Art Quilt Finishes.

Yellow! Color Calendar color of the month!
Queen Anne's Lace wildflower, this photo goes with my art quilt below.
My art quilt, 'Queen Anne's Lace', is finished.

My small 'wrapping cloth' quilt is finished and at work.

Wrapping cloth opened out and keeping my embroidery thread.

This is how I attached the ribbon on the outside for tying.

Happy Friday from beside the river!
Where we've had triple digit temperatures but now it's cooled off for a few days.

My Color Calendar color of the month is yellow! That's an excellent color for June.
And the words used to describe yellow are; enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive, imaginative, joyful and carefree.
Those are powerful words. 

My Queen Anne's Lace Art Quilt is finished and the wildflower photo I took of Queen Anne's Lace growing wild goes with it perfect.
There's something amazing about wildflowers, they are opportunistic and come back from a take down swinging. 

I also finished my little quilt made of similar colors as 'Queen Anne's Lace Art Quilt'. I'm using it as a wrapping cloth as in Karen Ruane 's modern embroidered and embellished wrapping cloths.
Karen is known for her beautiful modern embroidery and her great embroidery/project online classes.
My wrapping cloth will hold my embroidery threads and keep them protected.

Also visit Cindy Grisdela  and see her new quilt, 'Picasso's Chickens.'
It's a wonderful example of improv design and piecing.

Stop by Pamela 's to see her beautiful finish on her embroidered bag, talk about a work of art!

That's the news from alongside the river, where I'm remembering to be thankful. 
Very daring don't you think?

How are your projects coming along?
I'll be by to visit.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Quilt News, Happy Memorial Day, Wild Flowers, Art Quilts, PieLadyQuilts

Queen Anne's Lace


Lady Bug on fennel.

Figs forming.

Blackberry blossoms.

Wild Cherry.

Hiking Path along the American River.

Yellow Iris grows along the river bank.

Wild flower, Triple Lily.

My art quilt, 'Queen Anne's Lace' more embroidery added, couching lace down.

Another of my small art quilts with running stitch added, I'll wrap my embroidery threads in it.

Hello from beside the river!
Sun and warm/hot weather here.
Happy Memorial Day to you, remembering those who gave their lives and served, those who've gone on before us and remembering to be thankful.

Along the river walk there are wild flowers blooming and wild cherry and fig have their green fruit forming. 

This week I added more embroidery/couching to my 'Queen Anne's Lace' quilt. Yes, I changed the name, naming it for a wild flower made more sense to me.

And I finished my smaller art quilt (which has some similar fabric and color as my 'Queen Anne's Lace' quilt) by embellishing it with running stitch, leaving the starting and finishing knots exposed for effect. It is now a wrapping cloth meant to protect my embroidery thread. 

And be sure and visit Jill @ PieLadyQuilts to see her inspiring quilts, they are exciting and amazing, very improv, very liberated.

And that is the Quilt News from along side the American River, where projects are progressing!
What are you working on?

I'll be by to visit.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Quilt News, Quilt Sampler Progress, Embroidery, Embellishing Fun, Happy Friday!

Hand quilting progress on my Bright Sampler.
This is a couple of years ago when I finished piecing the center.

Wild flowers, note the orange, green, red, fuchsia and white colors!

I pulled this piece out of storage and thought it needed more embellishing.

The vintage glass buttons look like seashells, going with this art quilt's theme, sea life.

Hello quilt friends and Happy Friday!
 from alongside the American River.
Where yesterday we had clouds and today it's clear skies.

This week I got more hand quilting done on my Bright Sampler, the outside border is all that's left to quilt! I started this quilt as a BOM free pattern by Piecing the Past Quilts. The block choice and arrangement and choice of borders is mine.
And since my sewing machine is in storage and I don't have a lot of room here,  I rummaged around in my project box and found a small art quilt that needs more embellishing and embroidery. 
Its theme is sea life, kind of along the lines of what you might find in a tide pool or washed up on a beach. I wanted the colors to be neutral. You are correct, red is not what most people would think of as a neutral but I'm going along the lines of Freddy Moran when she said, 'Red is my neutral.' 

The wild flowers along the river are an amazing source of color inspiration. 

The Folsom area has historical monuments to the Gold Rush. Main street is named for John Sutter, the man who owned the mill where gold was found and the 'rush' started.
Folsom is also home to the Folsom Powerhouse  State Historic Park. The power house, up and running in 1895, was the first alternating current hydro-electric power station in the U.S. providing electricity to Sacramento, 22 miles away, one of the longest electrical distribution lines in America at the time. 
A lot of people come here to see the American River and tour the history info.

And that quilt friends is the news from beside the river. 
Where I'm remembering to be thankful. What projects are you working on this week?

I'll be by to visit.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Color Calendar for May, Favorite Sewing Tools, Josef and Anni Albers Influencial Modern Artists

May's color romantic purple!

One of my favorite sewing accoutrement bags, machine quilted by me.

What's inside, those thimbles work great.

My needle book, my design.

And my Yazzii  tool tote can hold a lot.

The zipper pockets are handy and you can see what's in them.

Hello from beside the river!
Where the mountain air is delightful.

My color calendar features purple for the month of May. The calendar uses these words for purple, inspirational, spiritual, extravagant, noble, magical, mysterious. Fun with color and words!

Make sure and visit Stitchin' Post with Jean Wells and read her excellent post ' Dreaming in Color, Supporting Colors'. Jean has a great way with color and she's a good communicator.

And Debbie Feske in her post Unmatched , listed Josef Albers as an inspiration for her newest repurposed art quilt, which turned out amazing.
For tons of inspiration read up on Josef Albers and his wife Anni Albers and peruse their art work. They were and are still influential in the modern abstract art world.

That quilt friends is the quilt news from beside the river.
Where color is being appreciated and studied, and I'm remembering to be thankful.

What's your take on color this month? Are you busy with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and dark green?

I'll be by to visit.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Hand Quilting, Wild Dogwood Blooming, American River South Fork

Big color blocks will be quilted with an X.

I finished hand quilting the four patch border!

The corner and side triangles are all quilted.

Wild Dogwood was blooming all along east 50 past Placerville.

The South Fork of the American River was high with spring runoff.

'Megalithic' stone along the river.

Hello from Northern California where the wild Dogwood is in bloom!
Last week we did a little sightseeing out to the South Fork of the American River.
The mountain air was invigorating.

And progress has been made hand quilting my Bright Sampler, approx 84" x 74".
I finished quilting the fourpatch border, it was a bear, just tedious.

And that quilt friends is the news from along the river.
Where I'm remembering to be thankful because it sure beats being grumpy.
I hope you're all well and that you've made progress on your projects.

I'll be by to visit!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hand Quilting Bright Modern Sampler, American River Walk, My Spring Handbag.

My Bright Modern Sampler hand quilting in progress.

Bridge across the American River, Folsom, CA.

Wild flowers along the river walk.

And more wildflowers along the river walk.

My Vera Bradley handbag, echoing spring colors!

Hello from Northern California!
Where we are enjoying spring walks along the American River.

Yes, we made the move from compacted Los Angeles, Southern CA, back to the north where life is a little more relaxed and less complicated. People here are of course practicing social distancing and many are wearing masks but there are less people here and they tend to live slower lives.

We are in temporary housing and won't be able to unpack for a bit so it's vacation time. Also I'm using a new tablet so getting used to it is a challenge. This is the first time posting on it so we'll see how it goes!

I brought my current hand quilting project along. No sewing machine for a while.

And that quilt friends is the Monday news where life is good. I hope you're all busy and well.

I'll be by to visit!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Story of Three Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilts, Spring has Come! RSC Green Blocks Arranging..

Liberated Log Cabins Quilt #1, cotton batting, hand quilted, 29" x 29".
Liberated Log Cabins #2, flannel batting, hand quilted.

Liberated Log Cabins #3, craft batting, machine quilted, 28" x 19".

Back up close view.

Back view of LLC#3, my machine quilting.
Front view up close.

Auditioning arrangement for Hour Glass and String blocks.
These blocks were started for the AHIQ challenge Hour Glass Blocks.

Happy spring from Rancho Palos Verdes!
The Wisteria is blooming here and birds are singing.

This week I finished my Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilt #3. I pieced the little log cabin centers from scraps left over from my #1 and #2  Liberated Log Cabin quilts.

Here's a little history on the three; I started #1 being inspired by Tonye Belinda Phillips pattern,Welsh-Folded Log Cabin. I roughly followed her directions but did not hand piece. I chose to machine piece instead. I chose my own colors/prints and arrangement and hand quilted.
I had left over scraps so I slowly pieced more log cabin blocks and arranged them into my #2 Liberated Log Cabin Quilt and hand quilted it.
And I had more scraps, they must reproduce when no one is looking! So I pieced them into small log cabin blocks and got them arranged into a smaller Liberated Log Cabin Quilt #3. I used craft batting; poly, and machine quilted it. I like the puffy look that craft batting gives.
And that is the story of the Three Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilts and how they came to be!

I've been piecing more blocks for the AHIQ Hour Glass challenge and the RSC green challenge for February. I'm not done yet. I work slow, no hurry. Hurry takes the fun out.
So I've been arranging on my 'design' bed and thinking out a plan, slowly.

That quilt friends is the news from the rancho where progress is being made and spring did not forget to come. It's out there, do enjoy!

An old saying goes something like this, 'With difficulty opportunity often comes.'
Don't forget to look up and have hope. The best things in life are free.

I'll be by to visit.