Friday, September 1, 2017

Butterfly Quilt Finish, Hourglass Blocks Hand Quilting, Kaleidoscope 20

'Gathering' butterfly quilt totally finished.

I labeled the back with backstitch.

Loquin Admiral butterfly for September 2017.

This a new project, just for fun.

Happy Friday and first of September!!

Finally, 'Gathering' butterfly quilt is all done. I backstitched my name and date on the back. Embroidery is a good way to 'write' on quilts and projects. 

I've started a new project. I want to 'document' hand stitching and embroidery in quilting. My grandmother sewed clothes, made quilts and embroidered, as I'm sure many of your grandmothers and aunts did. Hand work was an important part of life for women, a comfort and a creative challenge.
So I'm starting out with 12" blocks, with some modern piecing and then some traditional piecing, machine quilting, then some hand quilting/stitching/embroidery. 
I follow Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts , I enjoy the history and little bits about construction and fabric etc. and she has examples of traditional piecing and hand stitching. Lots of ideas there.

My calendar butterfly for September is Loquin Admiral. They are common on the west coast. They
lay their eggs on leaves and the larvae feed on cottonwood, willow, cherry and orchard tree leaves.
They can be active from April-October.
I'm linking up with Ann and Cathy for Kaleidoscope of Butterflies 20.
Thanks for hosting Ann and Cathy.
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Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to share a smile!

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