Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crazy quilt style sewing kit #2 progress...

"Prairie" sewing kit opened out, back side up, ties and binding sewn on.

Pocket and one of the needle keeps...

"Prairie" sewing kit half folded up.
 I made progress on this sewing kit
#2 in a series of three. I sewed in two felted wool needle keeps and the binding and the crushed velvet ties. Now the fun part of adding hand embroidery and embellishments. I made a crazy quilt with the soft "prairie" colors and then cut it into 3 pieces to make 3 sewing kits. One is finished and can be seen in my Etsy shop, Crazyvictoriana.
I'm working on these as part of Sharon B's WIP Wednesday, mini housiff challenge.

The crushed velvet ties are sewn on, beautiful 'old gold' color.

Back view, now ready for embellishing.