Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Story of Three Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilts, Spring has Come! RSC Green Blocks Arranging..

Liberated Log Cabins Quilt #1, cotton batting, hand quilted, 29" x 29".
Liberated Log Cabins #2, flannel batting, hand quilted.

Liberated Log Cabins #3, craft batting, machine quilted, 28" x 19".

Back up close view.

Back view of LLC#3, my machine quilting.
Front view up close.

Auditioning arrangement for Hour Glass and String blocks.
These blocks were started for the AHIQ challenge Hour Glass Blocks.

Happy spring from Rancho Palos Verdes!
The Wisteria is blooming here and birds are singing.

This week I finished my Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilt #3. I pieced the little log cabin centers from scraps left over from my #1 and #2  Liberated Log Cabin quilts.

Here's a little history on the three; I started #1 being inspired by Tonye Belinda Phillips pattern,Welsh-Folded Log Cabin. I roughly followed her directions but did not hand piece. I chose to machine piece instead. I chose my own colors/prints and arrangement and hand quilted.
I had left over scraps so I slowly pieced more log cabin blocks and arranged them into my #2 Liberated Log Cabin Quilt and hand quilted it.
And I had more scraps, they must reproduce when no one is looking! So I pieced them into small log cabin blocks and got them arranged into a smaller Liberated Log Cabin Quilt #3. I used craft batting; poly, and machine quilted it. I like the puffy look that craft batting gives.
And that is the story of the Three Liberated Log Cabin Block Quilts and how they came to be!

I've been piecing more blocks for the AHIQ Hour Glass challenge and the RSC green challenge for February. I'm not done yet. I work slow, no hurry. Hurry takes the fun out.
So I've been arranging on my 'design' bed and thinking out a plan, slowly.

That quilt friends is the news from the rancho where progress is being made and spring did not forget to come. It's out there, do enjoy!

An old saying goes something like this, 'With difficulty opportunity often comes.'
Don't forget to look up and have hope. The best things in life are free.

I'll be by to visit.