Friday, August 9, 2019

Medallion Quilt Block 'Alice 2' with Final Border in Cotton & Steel's Wonderland Fabric, Improv Piecing and Today's Color Mix

'2nd Alice in Red' has her final border.
'Wonderland' red floral by Cotton & Steel.
Fun with borders, corner close up.

Improv piecing process, using scraps. This will be table runner size.
Here I've machine basted in orange thread, ready for machine quilting.
This is a color mix that excites me right now.

My improv table topper, 'Accounted 4', was an idea I wanted to work out, here it is with new binding color.

New binding in Snow, a Kona cotton solid, this is what I was looking for.

Here is my improv table topper, 'Accounted 4', with binding in Kona Cotton Ochre, it was okay but not what I wanted.

Happy Friday, Quilt Friends!

The summer weather has been mild and cool, no complaints here.

This week I added more to a newer improv table topper and got it ready to machine quilt. I wanted to use scraps and the same improv style I used on my 'Accounted 4' small quilt.

My small table topper 'Accounted 4' is just how I want it now with new binding. I had first sewed on its binding in 'Ochre' but I wasn't happy with the look and I kept putting off the inevitable. I knew I had to replace that binding. Diving in, I picked off the old binding and got the 'Snow' binding sewed on! Yes, just right!

Also, I was inspired by the summer sunset colors here and found an exciting color mix in my stash, just for fun. I know it's there when I'm ready.
What colors are getting your attention this week?

And that's the news from the rancho, where summer is being enjoyed and things are getting done, a little here and a little there.

And I'm remembering to be thankful for big things and small things.

I'll be by to visit!