Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pink Poodles in a Barn Raising Quilt, Wild Cyclamen, a Walk in the Park.

Pink poodles HSTs in 'Barn Raising' formation.

First border added in Kona cotton solid pink punch.

Family birthday.

Wild cyclamen at Lake Wilderness Park, Maple Valley, WA.

View of Lake Wilderness.

We went walking on the trails around Lake Wilderness today.

Hello from the Pacific NW!

We have clear skies today and cool temperatures. Perfect for hiking which is what we did this afternoon. We hiked around Lake Wilderness on trails, enjoying the sun and breathing in the fresh air. 

This weekend was busy with a family happening, like a birthday, always a good excuse to eat chocolate cake and ice cream.

I made progress on my Pink Poodles in a Barn Raising. And I had time to sew on the borders, in Kona cotton solid Pink Punch. More borders to be added. This quilt will be done when it looks done.
That's my favorite way to put quilts together, ad hoc.

It looks as though we'll be doing a road trip to California soon. I'll post photos and include news of  local quilt shops of course.
So stay tuned for more update on the coming adventure.

And I'm remembering to pray for my blog friends, Pamela and Queenie. They both live in Japan and as you may know Japan has had a lot of earthquakes lately and a big storm. I'm sure it's not easy to hear of the difficulties people around them have been going through. I hope they continue to be safe.

That's the news from the shire, where adventure is in the air.
Remembering to be thankful.
I'll be by to visit.