Thursday, September 24, 2015

Improv piecing, Hand quilting in running stitch..

Citrus Rose #1, 42" x 36", Hand quilting in running stitch.
Back of Citrus Rose #1, hand quilting.

Citrus Rose #2, 32" x 20", pieced top.

 Yesterday I wanted to put together an art quilt so I challenged myself to 'limits for patchwork' as in Sherri Lynn Wood's book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, chapter 1 Quilt Scores. 
Deciding to limit myself to using left over blocks from my quilt Citrus Rose #1 and the left over scraps from that quilt, I began arranging and sewing. I used a 'wonky' log cabin style for the blocks and three borders. Borders give great definition to a quilt. I'm happy with the outcome of Citrus Rose #2. The idea of using a score, a basic frame work of some sort is challenging in a good way.

I've added more hand quilting to Citrus Rose #1, using 3 strands of embroidery thread in the colors of the quilt fabric. When I designed Citrus Rose #1 I was inspired by a piece of Middle Eastern fabric being used as a bed cover. It was a deep purple with shots of bright color woven all through it. 'That is brilliant', I thought, I have to make my own version. So  I used 'Broken Bars' blocks, putting them together in rows and sewing together the rows. That's my current 'Improv' adventure.
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It's fall already, fall colors, pumpkin pies, cooler weather to look forward to. It's a wonderful time of the year! Happy Fall to you!