Monday, February 23, 2015

Elderberry Wine Quilt plus handmade rabbit....

Elderberry Wine Quilt designed, made by me, 2012, 21.5'' x 21.5".

Close-up, hand quilting, yo yos, colorful batiks.

Hand made rabbit, with pinafore and dress.

 I pulled out my Elderberry Wine
quilt, because it reminds me of spring. It was published in Art Quilting Studio . Batiks always thrill me. Using muslin  with batiks show cases the amazing colors in the batiks.
Last week I visited my local thrift shop, repurposing is one of my hobbies . Look what I found, this little rabbit doll for .50!, I picked it up and looked closely at it and saw the french knot eyes and the hand stitching here and there, the little pinafore was too cute. The body is made of muslin, good muslin, had to buy it! So now I have my spring mascot, hand made by someone, so cool. Support your local thrift shop, one woman's junk is another's treasure.

Dress turned up to show hand stitching.

Back of pinafore, cute crossed design, clever.