Friday, July 12, 2019

Quilt News Friday! Alice in Red #2 Improv Block, Coast Walk, Garden Angel, & Earthquakes

This is the 2nd 'Alice' block in red, this is one of 4 blocks that will make a medallion.
The afghan I started around Christmas is about 1" away from being done here.

Summer view of beach cliffs south of Terranea Resort, RPV, CA.

This is the park I walk down to almost every day, ocean and cliff straight ahead.

The different colors of ocean are thrilling.

Garden angel that lives in my friend's garden.

Happy Quilt News Friday! 

The business of summer has set in. I think actually I'm busy relaxing and taking more walks.

I finished piecing my 2nd 'Alice' in red block, one of 4 blocks to be the center of a quilt. I have that part decided on, the borders not yet, I'm improvising as I go.
This quilt has a lot of Cotton & Steel's Wonderland fabric and that's why the name, Alice.
Also, Alice's reactions to her adventures, in the Alice in Wonderland book, are definitely improvised, a kind of high art! All in fun!

I'm almost done with the crochet afghan for my DDIL & Son's new apartment.

The latest SoCal earthquakes were centered about 2 hr's from here, north and a little east.
There's a lot of oil extraction in that area and they use fracking to get the oil where they can get to it easier. While probably not the total cause I think it adds to the equation. Talking about messing up the environment. The big oil companies have enough money to keep that quiet. They want everyone to be concerned about everything else except what I think is a serious issue.
We did feel jolts and shaking here.

And then the photo of the garden angel that lives in my friend's garden, reminding everyone to let peace rule in our hearts, a powerful message.

That's the news from the rancho, where projects are getting finished and summer is being enjoyed.
How are your summer projects coming along?

I'll be by to visit.