Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Patchwork Pouch Finish, Butterfly Sightings,Quilting and Binding Done on Small Quilt.

I straight stitch quilted the front and back.

Tab sewn onto both ends of zipper.

This is the back of my zippered pouch.

The other side, I used Robert Kaufman Essex Linen Blend  and scraps.
Bottom view, boxed.

My small butterfly quilt, finished.

The pattern I used is, 'Mini Painted Ladies'. Maybe call this 'City Gals' ?

Back of butterfly quilt, fun with scraps.

Hello! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend.
We hiked and enjoyed the sun, then had a bar-b-que and enjoyed family.
The Monarch  butterflies are beginning to make their appearance around here. I've seen quite a few. They fly by fast, like they're afraid they'll get eaten.

I finished up the scrap pouch I've been working on. I wanted to try a different pattern. The pattern I used for this pouch, or I should say the directions I used, was Jenny Doans' MSQC tutorial, How to Make a Zippered Pouch, on YouTube; very easy to follow. I changed up the dimensions to my own liking but the rest was following her tutorial. It's a great tutorial by the way, no surprises. There is no lining, the directions call for zig-zag finishing the inside seams. I covered the inside seams with binding, hand sewn on.

Yoko Saito in her book, Patchwork Bags and Accessories , finishes her inside seams with binding, hand sewn on, and I like that finished look.

I'm also linking up with Linda @ KokaQuilts  for Sew Stitch Snap Share #27.
Stop in to share what you've been working on and to get inspired by beautiful projects.
Thanks Linda for hosting this opportunity.

And my butterfly quilt is finished with 1 1/4" binding, I use skinny binding for my  smaller quilts. 

So I've managed to move ahead on two projects this last week.

I hope you're enjoying the season. Are you seeing any butterflies yet?
I'll be by to visit!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ad Hoc Improv, Light & Liberated, Small 'Cabin' Blocks, Fun with Improv

My Log Cabin Blocks final arrangement last week.

I sewed on two borders last week, blocks 6 1/2" sq.

Small log cabin blocks, before trimming.

Trimming and sizing almost done.

Small log cabin blocks trimmed to approx. 3" sq.

I like this arrangement! The blocks will be 2 1/2" sq. , finished.

Hello! It's time for AHIQ again. 
Up for the challenge? The theme is scale.

I thought about what I could do with scale and since I've been on a Log Cabin block roll, I decided to make up smaller size Log Cabins.

Looking at my 'liberated' light log cabin quilt with 6 1/2" blocks and two borders, I thought maybe I'd put on another border with small log cabins.
Getting out scraps I began making up small 'cabins'.  

When I got them all trimmed up, I changed my mind. I think the small cabins look great together as a mini quilt.
And 'Light & Liberated' isn't getting any more borders today.

That was my journey into scale for this month's AHIQ #33. Thanks Ann  and Kaja  for hosting.
Stop in to get inspired and see what other improv is going on!

I'll be by to visit. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Improv/Color Inspire Trip, Butterfly Quilted, Published in Art Quilting Studio, summer 2018

My butterfly quilt, quilted with 'informal grid' machine quilting.

Back of my butterfly quilt with improv piecing, using up scraps.

Pink azaleas, color wow!

Exciting home decor in World Market  at 'The Landing.'

Blue embroidery on white cotton, classic, made in India.

Tea towels with fun color.

Beautifully designed teapot and serving pieces.

Blue and green dinner napkins anyone? I'll take them all, thank you.

'The Landing' shopping center close to Boeing Field, Renton, WA.

Dock at Coulon Memorial Park, on S. E. Lake Washington.

Part of Boeing Field can be seen from dock at Coulon Memorial Park.

Happy Weekend!
From Renton, Washington, where we are enjoying sun with clouds today.

Yesterday was a sightseeing, shopping, and color exploration day. And down into the valley we went to 'The Landing' a shopping center located close to Boeing Field, where the huge flight industry started.

We stopped at a park off Lake Washington and saw baby ducks and got rained on. We're used to that, what's a little rain?

At World Market, summer colors and displays were worth the trip.
Where do you get your color inspiration?

This week I finished machine quilting my small butterfly quilt with an informal grid. I had fun with the backing, very minimal, improv pieced using scraps.

And yes, that is Rayna Gillman's book in my photos, Create Your Own Improv Quilts. I love that book, it doesn't have patterns but it has great ideas. Thanks Rayna.

Also one of my projects was published in Art Quilting Studio  summer 2018, due out in June. I got a preview issue and it's excellent. Of course because my project is in it, right?
But aside from that there are some excellent quilts and projects and I highly recommend this issue.
Good read and inspiration. 
Thank you, Art Quilting Studio and Danielle Williams, Assistant Senior Managing Editor.

Have a good weekend and I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Light Log Cabin Blocks, Butterflys, Improv Block Experiment, Sew Stitch Snap Share

Final arrangement of my light liberated log cabin blocks. 

Two borders added, 6 1/2" blocks.

My butterflies pin basted ready for machine quilting.

Close up with three borders, on the left.

Liberated, improv test block, quilted with binding.

Back with lovely turquoise batik, 5 x 6 1/2".

Liberated 'Smoky Plum', sampler blocks, final arrangement.

Close view, Kona solids, batiks and print, 12 1/2" blocks.

Happy Weekend!
From the Pacific North West, where we have blue sky and great views of the local volcanoes, today.
And the pollen count is high.
Also, Mother's Day is tomorrow, Happy Mother's Day moms everywhere.

This week I've got borders sewn on my light log cabin blocks and pinned basted my small butterfly quilt.
It was based on Fig Tree & Co. Quilt Shop pattern, Mini Painted Ladies.
I also had time to 'play/experiment' and came up with an improv block I liked and finished it as a very small quilt to keep for future reference.

And I came up with the final arrangement for my liberated 'Smoky Plum' sampler blocks. For some reason I had it in my mind to keep the nine patch block in the middle, but I realized it would look better on the outside. I'm happy with it now. Now onto the borders.

I'm linking up with Julie @ justjulielou to share what I've been 'working on this week and to get inspired by what others are creating too'.
Thanks Julie for hosting this week.

That's the news around here. Enjoy the spring and share a smile, I'll be buy to visit.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Arranging Sampler Blocks; Third Try is the Charm, Garden Inspiration

Rhododendron heaven at the botanical garden.

My grandson enjoying the rocks and water.

Pond/little stream with lots of frogs and lily pads.

Clematis blooming.

Botanical garden entrance.

Piecing bits for blocks and backings.

Pressing strips and trimming.

My 'Smoky Plum' sampler blocks, first arrangement.

Second arrangement, almost but not quite.

This is the third arrangement, I like this one.

Happy May 5th, other wise known as, Cinco De Mayo!
We're having guacamole and chips with our dinner to celebrate.

We had sun and warm weather this last week so we took a trip back to a local botanical garden with our grandson and his mom. It was just as beautiful as last week, with lots of blooms and new green leaves everywhere. We strolled and watched our little grandson explore and do everything little boys do.
So much color inspiration and lots of pollen, I started sneezing.

I sewed together the final block for my 'Smoky Plum' sampler quilt, pieced liberated style. Then I took some time to get the arrangement just right. So far I'm satisfied with the third try. I'll let it rest a day or two to make sure.
The inspiration for this quilt are as follows; Debbi Jeske, whose class, Improv Piecing, I took last summer at Gossipium Quilt Shop in Issaquah, WA,
and Gwen Marston whose book 'Liberated Quiltmaking 2' is simply one of the best books on the 'liberated' style of quilt making/design out there.

And since 'good design is slow design', quoting Rayna Gillman from her book, 'Create your Own Improv Quilts', I'm going to take my time deciding how to finish this sampler up. 

  That's the news from the shire where spring is in full swing.
Have a good day.
I'll be by to visit.