Monday, December 15, 2014

Color and..Allie Aller's book, Crazy Quilting...

Merry Christmas!!! I'll be busy with family for a couple of weeks.
I pulled out Allie Aller's book, Crazy Quilting, she uses color so beautifully.

I had to include the bottom half of the cover,

 Allie Aller's book, Crazy Quilting, is so practical and easy to understand. Her chapter, Work in Progress helped me finish my crazy quilt, 'Prima Donna'. I was bogged down in the middle and didn't know how to wind it up. On page 119 she writes about a conversation she had with Erica Carter about just that thing, being at the point where 'you just hate it'.
Erica told her, "Oh, that's the best time! Do you know why? It's because that's when you become willing to take some risks. You have to make a leap. And that's when the breakthru comes." Words to live by, don't you think?
She uses color value; light and dark, skillfully, keeping your eyes moving to take in all the details.
Excellent book to have in your reference library.

This chapter is one of my favorites, she walks you thru the process.