Friday, April 17, 2015

So Excited!! Turned off 'no reply' !!!!

No pictures but great news, at least to me.... 
I was informed by a friend that I was 'set' to 'no reply', wow, I had no idea what to do about that.
I have always relied on my son to help me on those kind of computer related things.
He is away at college and when he does come to visit I've forgot to ask him about it.
So I have been researching on Google and reading and experimenting and doing this and looking at that and finally today, I found a 'tutorial' that made sense to me and I was able to 'unset' 'no reply'.
I thought my profile was only with Google +. I didn't realize or forgot my blog had it's own profile.
I realize to you computer whizzes this seems like a simple thing, but I'm a bit challenged in this area
and it's a big deal to me. So I'll celebrate tonight!
Happy Friday!!