Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quilt Design, Improvisation, Modern, My Way....AHIQ link-up.....

Citrus Rose, 43" x 36" my design.
Back of Citrus Rose with hanging sleeve.

Santa Clara 3, designed by me.
Back of Santa Clara 3, hand stitching, machine quilted.

Santa Clara 3, 39" x 21", close-up.

Happy Tuesday!!

I finally got around to taking a full, well lit photo of two of my smaller art, modern type quilts.
Citrus Rose was first sketched out on paper a couple of years ago when I saw a colorful middle eastern bed covering and I thought, "That is a cool idea!" I didn't want to make a huge quilt with the design so I scaled it down to test it out. I made strip blocks, sewed them into columns and sewed the columns together, then added the borders. 
It's hand quilted with 3 strands of embroidery floss.

Santa Clara 3 was made of extra blocks from Santa Clara 2, 54"x 17". I sewed a border around the blocks and machine quilted it and hand embellished with running stitch in embroidery floss. The blocks are 'square in a square.'

These quilts I designed and improvised with fabric I had from my fabric collection and working out a rough sketch on paper. That's my style. I'm linking up with Sew Slowly and Fret Not, AHIQ,
Stop in to see some amazing quilts and ideas.