Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies and Orange Triangle Border thingy

Clouded Sulphur for April 2017.

Tilted 'coins' with border added, that's right just two sides for effect.

Happy April!!
Featuring my butterfly for April, from my butterfly calendar, the Clouded Sulpher .
I'm celebrating butterflies with Ann @ fretnotyourself , Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.
Clouded Sulphers  live in North America and can be seen in meadows, fields and roadsides.
They're also known to swarm around mud puddles.

I've had some time to work on my version of a 'coin' quilt. I tilted the coins and now they're on edge and I've added borders on just two sides. The asymmetrical look is speaking to me. This is another of my small quilts. I don't have a large work space right now so small is the thing. And small is great for trying out design experiments.

Have a great Monday and I'll be by to visit.