Thursday, May 26, 2016

Modern Patchwork 2015, Improv Ideas, yes, that's from last year!!!...

More satin stitch, my new ruler from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Modern Patchwork summer 2015, lots of articles on improvisation.

What's Up Thursday!!!

I'm getting in the 'groove' with satin stitch, getting more done on my embroidery kit, Bohemian Paisley by Bucilla.

Last week I found excellent articles in 'Modern Patchwork', summer 2015. 
'Black and White is the New Color' by Malka Dubrawsky @ 
is full of  improvisational examples, how to's and tips.  
Amy Ellis, Quilting, has a super article, 'Sewing Machine Tension and You' that I'll be studying lots, very practical for quilting on your home machine.

What with hand embroidery and reading great articles, I've been busy in the stitching, quilting world.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all you who share projects and ideas on blogs and in articles in quilt magazines and books. Great inspiration and fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Class, 'Colorful Scrap Quilting', Quilt and Embroidery progress....

Orange with purple border...

Orange with turquoise border..

Satin stitch has been added...

What's up Thursday!

More satin stitch has been worked on my embroidery kit. I like satin stitch, when you work it enough you begin to get a feel for how the stitches should lay.

I finally pieced together the backs for the two twin quilts that have been waiting impatiently to be finished. They both have a lot of orange, one has a purple border and the other a turquoise border.
Today I'll deliver them to the local long-arm quilt lady to work her magic.

I've just signed up for a class 'Colorful Scrap Quilting' by Amanda Jean Nyberg, crazymomquilts
I wanted to quilt along and have a goal to work towards. When I'm in a slump I need inspiration and Amanda has worked up a lot of great quilts with color I enjoy. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Happy Thursday, ever onward, ever upward!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

'Big Stitch' Quilting, more,' Embroidery and Patchwork Revisited' Book Review...

My white Amaryllis in the sun light, it had four blossoms this year.

'Big stitch' quilting almost done on my art quilt.

More done on my embroidery kit project.

Found a great new book, 'Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited', by Janice Vaine.

What's Up Thursday!

I hope you are having a wonderfully productive week. Even if you aren't, look forward to next week, it'll come. Haven't you noticed that creativity comes in rhythms? Sometimes it's a water fall, sometimes it's a trickle.

I found 'Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited' by Janice Vaine, published by Landauer Publishing, and what a good book on all things embroidery and crazy quilting! I highly recommend it for inspiration and excellent examples and directions.

My art quilt is almost all quilted with 'big stitch' hand quilting. Again, I use 3 strands of embroidery thread because that's the way I like to do it for now. Maybe I'll use pearl cotton on the next quilt.

The embroidery kit I purchased at a local fabric store is getting done a little here and a little there.
I do like the colors on the dark background.

My Fabulous White Amaryllis is now blooming, so gorgeous.  I've got to get a picture of it in the morning light, as if I didn't already have a million pictures of it.

Here's a link to light up your day!!!!!!What Makes You Beautiful !

Monday, May 2, 2016

Butterflies, Big Stitch Quilting, Amaryllis Bloom...

My pink Amaryllis is blooming!

May 2016 butterfly, wow!

Butterfly fabric in my art quilt. I'm hand quilting it with 'big stitch.'

Happy Butterfly Monday! 
I remembered to change my calendar to May and was greeted with a lovely Purple Spotted Swallow
I also realized that the art quilt I'm hand quilting with 'big stitch' has some fabric with butterflies on it.
I'm hand quilting with 3 strands of embroidery floss and using a bigger needle to make that easier.
I'm celebrating butterflies with Ann @ Fret Not Yourself .
My pink Amaryllis is blooming, spectacular. I have a couple of different colors and treat them like pets.
Enjoy your day, and remember to share a smile.