My Quilts 2010-2019

Pacific #1, art quilt, my design and embellishment.

Pacific #1 close up.

Red and White Squares and Hearts

Santa Clara 1 published in Art Quilt Studio.

My Batik Butterfly in Log Cabin block.

Qtr. Log Cabin blocks.

Piecing Batik Butterflies, pattern by Fig Tree & Co., Mini Butterflies.

Love in a Meadow #2 & #1.

Love in a Meadow #2

Orange & Turquoise Liberated Log Cabins

Barn Raising in Red.

Tide Pool art quilt, designed, embroidered, embellished by me.

Piecing rows.

Piecing blocks and rows.

Four Patch on Point, design practice.

Liberated Xs & Os auditioning arrangement.

Citrus Rose small version.

Red Liberated Butterflies.

'Jam Art' pattern by Maple Island Quilts.

Elderberry Wine close up.

'Licorice Allsorts' my improv design.

Licorice Allsorts backview

'Santa Clara Fog', inspired by Gwen Marston.

Design practice #1.

Design practice #2.

Mai Tai art quilt, by me, published in Art Quilting Studio.

Tropical Punch art quilt, by me, published in Art Quilting Studio.

Wasabi 3 back

Wasabi 3 front
Liberated Four Patch in Log Cabin.

Wasabi 1

Wasabi 1 back

Wasabi 2

Wasabi 2 back

'Santa Clara Rush', published in Art Quilt Studio.

Santa Clara Rush back

Butterflies Liberated

Butterflies back
Liberated Triangles

Liberated Triangles back

Coins in the Sun, my design.

Coins in the Sun, back view.

HST Barn Raising Medallion quilt top, not finished.

Ponies quilt top

Prairie Rose queen size quilt, machine quilted by Bobbie Burnett.

Uneven Third blocks finished as coasters.

Cathedral Windows.

Bright Modern Sampler top, free BOM by Piecing the Past Quilts, my layout and borders.

Uneven Thirds, front view, my design.

Uneven Thirds, back.

Red Improv Blocks

'Love Never Fails' art quilt, published in Art Quilt Studio.
Rustic medallion quilt.

Whole cloth quilt 'Floral Baskets', machine quilted by Golden State Quilt Shop.

Elderberry Wine art quilt, my design,  published in Art Quilt Studio.

Embellished Rails, my embroidery, embellishment and design.
Santa Clara 2, machine and hand quilted.
Butterfly Garden, my colors and borders. Fig Tree & Co. pattern, Mini Butterflies.

Butterfly Garden, back.
'Morning Ceremony' my design, published in Art Quilt Studio.

Santa Clara quilt series, small version.

My liberated Xs & Os, binding sewn on front, pinned down on back.

'Accounted 4' 2019 small quilt, design by Janie, hand quilted.

'Sonnet' art quilt, published in Art Quilt Studio.
Red HSTs 2019 in Yankee Puzzle block formation quilt top by Janie

Summer Watermelon quilt 2019, machine quilted, flannel batting.