Monday, November 28, 2016

First Snow, 'Liberated' Design Process, Batik by Laundry Basket Quilts

This is my design 'book', a simple writing tablet.
First snow, view out the front door.

Time to put up Christmas decorations and take fall decor down.

My order from Missouri Star Quilt Com. came.

My 'Butterfly Four Patch' quilt design in my design book.

My version of X's & O's liberated style in my design book.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I know I have so much to be thankful for. I used to hear my parents say that a lot and it kind of went over my head. But I'm on board now with being thankful and grateful, I totally get it.

Last week the first snow blanketed everything in Salem, New Hampshire. Lovely.
It melted in a couple of days. Back to cold and sunny today.

I wanted to share my 'design book' with you because I enjoy 'designing'; doodling a lot and it helps me stay focused. The more I take time to draw out my ideas the more satisfied I am with the outcome.
I highly recommend it. Nothing fancy or complicated but it works for me.

My order from MSQC came;  a Laundry Basket Quilts batik by Edyta Sitar. Her batiks are so fabulous. Her fabric designs are great too but her batiks are Wow. I do have a weakness for good batiks, so organic, so layered, so real life color. I must get a hold of myself.
Also, I ordered Missouri Star Quilt Comp.'s 'Mod Block' magazine, I think it's published once a year.
They have a lot of inspiration packed in that magazine, super!

Hope you have a good week full of design/dream opportunities. 
Designing is dreaming isn't it?
I'll stop by soon to see what you're up to!

Friday, November 18, 2016

'X' Blocks "4 x 4" Small Quilt Top Finished, November Butterfly

Pressing and trimming squares for X blocks.

November butterfly from my butterfly calendar.

'X' Blocks, liberated style, ready to sew rows together.

Beautiful fall picture out the front door.

The princess and her unicorn at the coffee shop.

Coffee and lunch @ local FarmHouse Roasters .

Happy Weekend!!!
From Salem, New Hampshire.
Didn't this week fly by?? Time goes fast when you're busy.

I got 'X' blocks pieced and sewn into rows to make my little X's & O's quilt top, 3 blocks by 4 blocks.
Each block is approx. 4" x 4", so the little quilt top measures 12" x 16".

The weather was clear and bright so we went out to a local coffee shop for lunch.
Great coffee and BLT's.

Thanksgiving week coming right up. Don't we have a lot to be thankful for?
 I look forward to stopping in to see what you've done on your projects. Have a good day and remember to take time to enjoy some fall goodness where you live!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

X's and O's New Row Added, 'True Grips' Product Review....

Three X's across now, liberated and scrappy.

True Grips keep my ruler steady while cutting.

New turquoise batik added to the mix.

Happy Weekend from the Shire!!
New Hampshire that is. 

This week just flew by. We are still helping my daughter's family after her third baby. There's a lot to do in keeping a family and home running smooth.
I still get a little time in to work on quilts and stitching. I think it's more obsession than work as some of you can relate to.

This week I picked up a pack of 'True Grips' and a new ruler from my favorite local quilt shop, Pine Tree Quilt Shop. The 'True Grips' keep my ruler from slipping while cutting, I highly recommend them. They aren't paying me to say that either, they really work well.

While there I picked up a turquoise fat quarter because it's not only one of my favorite colors it's also going to look great in the mix.

One of my blogger/quilt friends, Maureen @ Mystic Quilter also claims turquoise as 'one' of her favorite colors, visit her and find out more.

I hope you're having a wonderful fall weekend and that you're getting work done on your projects. As always I look forward to stopping in and seeing what you're up to!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Liberated Scrappy X's & O's Kona Solids....

X's & O's blocks are 2" x 2" sewn.

I'm using Kona solids and some prints.

Happy weekend from New Hampshire!

The people who've lived here a while like to use the word 'traditional' a lot. It must mean something to them. I'm getting comfortable driving around town and finding the local markets. I like to strike up conversations whenever I get a chance while shopping, very friendly folks around here.

In my newest three projects I've used Kona solids. Kona cotton is generally less expensive but I notice it frays easily. It can snag easily and then 1/4" can be lost. But I wanted to work with it to get some solid colors and for that it's fine.
This small version of X's & O's is scrappy, using Gwen Marston's liberated approach. I bought Gwen Marston's course, 'Abstract Quilts in Solids' through . Excellent resource whether you're an experienced quilter or a newbie.

I'm still frequenting the local quilt shop, Pine Tree Quilt Shop. They have a good selection of Kona solids and other great fabrics etc. I've noticed a sample quilt, Blueberry Hill by Villa Rosa Designs 
at Pine Tree Quilts, very cool, geometric,  done in batiks. I'm attracted to that, take a look and see the pattern. Someday I'd like to do that pattern for myself in batiks.

Have a great day and remember to be thankful even for small things, it sure brightens up the day!