Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Quilt News: Primary Plaids Quilt Finish, a Visit and a Move to Cooler Temperatures Coming Soon.

Color calendar color for August, blue!

Canoeing on the river, this is for celebrating blue.

Hand quilting in process, some basting threads still in.

I trimmed the backing 1/2" over and folded that onto the front for binding, then hand stitched it down.

My 'Primary Plaids' small quilt mostly finished, just a bit more hand quilting maybe.

Plaid patchwork close up.

Soft cottons, lovely.

My Grandmuffin and I doing pattycake. She is a sweet little one!

Hello from beside the river!

We'll be moving this week into cooler temperatures. The river has been so enjoyable, the walks and wildlife fascinating.

And our little grandmuffin came to visit us, with her caretakers of course, who are doing a fine job. We had a wonderful time.

Quilt news, this week I've mostly finished up 'Primary Plaids'. I might add a little more hand quilting. It's a small utility quilt, and has a homey, comfortable feel and look. Piecing and quilting were done by hand.

I also figured out my roadblock with the new Google blog interface! My oversight entirely. But I still think  Google customer service should be improved.

And that is the quilt news from beside the river. I'm looking forward to getting to use my sewing machine again and cooler temperatures. Remembering to be thankful right where I'm at.

How are your quilt adventures coming along? 

I'll be by to visit.