Saturday, February 27, 2021

Quilt News, Finish in Turquoise Improv Plus Blocks, Old Projects Dusted Off, Log Cabins and Orange Triangles

Ornamental Cherry blossoming outside the front door!

Close up finished binding, Turquoise Improv Plus Blocks.

The 1 1/4" binding sewed to the front of Improv Plus Blocks here.

Some extra Log Cabin style blocks from another project, dusted off ready for a new start.

Can't get enough of those cherry blossoms!

Binding machine sewn down, back view, on Improv Plus Blocks.

'Improv Plus Blocks in Turquoise', finished! 15"x 35"

Two projects here, one I'm picking apart; the orange triangles, the squares are being cut out for Log Cabin blocks. 


Quilt News from the valley!
Where it's been sunny but cool and ornamental cherries are blooming around town.

I've been busy helping watch my little grand muffin and doing some spring organizing.
I dug deep into my 'left over' pieces and blocks and found some old parts that looked promising.

Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran in their book, Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again, talk about why keeping a 'parts department' to use for new projects is important. It's how one project can inform and lead to the next project.

I found left over Log Cabin blocks and unneeded pieces of a Half Square Triangle project.
So I've started two 'new' projects, not knowing how I'll decide to finish them up. Maybe I'll put them both into one? Keeping the design momentum up by arranging and making color decisions is something 'my little grey cells' need. 

And as we quilters know, Log Cabin blocks and Half Square Triangles are full of design possibilities. They can be used in so many different arrangements and color choices leading to exciting results.

That Quilt Friends is the quilt news.
Have any of you done any organizing lately or found inspiration in past projects?

Here in the valley, I'm remembering to be thankful and I'll be by to visit.