Saturday, December 15, 2018

Quilt Basted, Clover Thread Trimmer, Long Beach, Border # 3, Rejoice!

Cathedral Window square ready for what I call step 2.

Another square in process for my Cathedral Window project.

I ordered Clover's thread clippers, perfect for trimming stray threads.

'Uneven Thirds' machine basted.

Long Beach and San Bernardino Mtns in the background, 9th St. San Pedro, CA.
This week I worked on 3rd border for my sampler.


From Rancho Palos Verdes where we have sun and cool temperatures.

This week I had time for piecing the 3rd border for my traditional quilt and putting together more squares for my Cathedral Window project. Putting together borders are tedious for me but I like the look so I put the effort in. I think part of it is that I'm almost done and so I get impatient.

I'm going to get my Cathedral Window squares all to what I call the second step and then I'll post the process of sewing the squares together and adding the color insert.

Also this week I machine quilted my 'Uneven Thirds' quilt and it did not turn out well.
It's small and even though I had pin basted it, it didn't quilt flat and had puckers.
So I unpicked all of it and machine basted it in a grid to get better stability. 
It will wait until I've recovered my bravery.

We took time on Thursday for a little sightseeing and drove south to San Pedro where there's a good carwash. We could see the San Bernardino Mtns and they had a light dusting of snow on them.

Now the Christmas Cards are mailed out and maybe I'll make up some sugar cookies.

That's the news from the rancho,
 where we are Merry and Bright and remembering to be thankful.
I'll be by to visit!