Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sewing by Hand Alabama Chanin, Sew Slowly Hand Quilting

A break from the storm.
Rancho Palos Verdes coast at sunset.

The storm has past over Rancho Palos Verdes for now. 
There was a lot of wind and rain here, some trees down, some power outages.
I've heard another storm might roll in soon; it is still winter, just sayin'.

There's not much to show as far as projects or progress around here, but I have been reading and researching and I've found some inspiring people doing some great work.

First, you have to see Kaja's new project and hand quilting work. She is working on a 'new piece' from Alabama Chanin . They have kits there! 
What is Alabama Chanin? They are a 'lifestyle company producing thoughtful designs and well made goods for the person and home.' They are based in Florence, Alabama. Amazing innovation is going on there, spend some time and read about their products and process.

Second, Emily has a superb tutorial on 'Wonky Log Cabin' blocks, 'down and dirty', fast and furious.
I love to see these kind of tutorials, this is the 'liberated' way to roll! This is another example of great innovation.

Take time to refuel your creative juices!
I'll be to visit, I'll bring donuts and an umbrella.