Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Small Quilt, Tropical Punch, was accepted for publication, summer....

Close-up hand embroidery.

Another close-up, tropical batiks and hand embroidery.

Tropical Punch was accepted for publication by, Art Quilting Studio
it will be in the summer issue. I'm excited about that, good magazine, lots of ideas and inspiration.
Tropical Punch was designed and hand made by me.
So my love affair with batiks and color goes on. I have another quilt in the making, Raspberry Fizz.
I can't help naming them after tropical, Tiki, drinks. The drinks themselves can easily be made non-alcoholic by adding sparkling water instead of the 'stronger spirits.'
You have to admit in this cool spring weather memories of sitting by the pool in the heat of summer, sipping an iced cold beverage, is delightful.