Friday, April 26, 2019

Kona Cottons, New C&T Block Tool Reference, Hand Quilting and Getting Ruffled.

My hand quilting projects, small and large.

Apron project gets ruffled.

New handy reference guide for block layouts and yardage, it was on sale.

Kona Cottons were also on sale, Citrus, Coral, Red, they were speaking to me.

Hello and Happy Friday from Rancho Palos Verdes!
Where we have high clouds, a little wind and it's cool today.

I'm making progress on my hand quilting projects and being careful not to let the tension get too tight. The idea of course, is not to let the stitching gather the quilt fabric.

The apron I'm working on for my DDIL, is getting ruffled along the lower edge and ruffles can be a little fiddly but I enjoy the challenge.

There was a good sale on at JoAnn Fabric, I got a deal on the reference book, 'Quick & Easy Block Tool! by C&T Publishing. My blog friend, Cathy @ recommended Lady's Art Company Block Tool, as a reference guide. I haven't found that one for a good price yet.

And the Kona Cottons were on sale so I brought home Citrus, Coral, and Red yardage.
Just the colors to add warmth and contrast. 
What are your favorite 'signature' colors for contrast?

That's the news from the rancho.
Where I'm remembering to be thankful and keeping warm.

I'll be by to visit.