Saturday, July 7, 2018

Quilt Border Change, Liberated Piecing and Summer's in the Air!

Crocosmia in bloom here, gorgeous!

I learned to swim here when I was a girl, Steel Lake, Federal Way, WA.

Two more blocks of liberated piecing got done this week, another star and Log Cabin nine patch.

Astilbe blooming and a great big hosta in the back yard.

I took off the outer white border of my Rail Fence Medallion Quilt, it looks better this way. 

Hello, from the Pacific NW, Washington State!
Where we are having great weather, warm for a few days then cooler with clouds and showers.

There was a bar-b-que for the Fourth of July and the neighbors really out did themselves with their firework show in the evening, wow!

I got some 'liberated' piecing done, a star and a nine patch log cabin block and trimmed off the outer border of my Rail Fence Medallion Quilt with sawtooth borders. I was looking at photos of that quilt as I was piecing it and I realized it looked finished without that last white border. In fact it looked good that way, (My last post has a photo of the white border still on), so off it came.
And yep, that was the trick.

That's the news here in the shire. Where summer is keeping me busy and the days are long.
Hope you're enjoying your summer, and some of you I know are getting into winter and I hope you're staying warm!

I'll be by to visit!