Monday, April 11, 2016

Past Quilts Scrappy, Red and White, Kirkland, WA. Travels....

Scrappy quilt I made in late 90's.

Red and white quilt pieced by me 2011.

Machine quilted by Golden State Quilting, Campbell, CA.

Kirkland, WA Starbucks on a sunny day.

Looking across Lake Washington toward Seattle.

Looking across Lake Washington at the Olympic Mountains.

Anthony's Seafood Restaurant is a fine place to eat.

Happy Monday!!
I've been in Washington State for a couple of weeks and have to make one more trip there in a few days. The weather was sunny and we did a lot of walking. Spring was in the air.

Jane LaFazio has art, workshops and inspiration like crazy here!
Don't miss out on a good thing!

Remember to stop and take time to enjoy something beautiful, it lifts your spirit!