Thursday, October 25, 2018

Improv Quilt Design Experiments and Cathedral Window First Try.

Two coasters and a table topper from improv block experiment.

Table topper flimsy, vertical.

Cathedral window process, there are good tutorials on YouTube.

Here's my small sample ready for color inserts.

Hello from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
The temperatures are cooler this week, staying around the 70's.

This week I worked on experiments. I was in an experimental mood!
I made some improv small blocks a while ago and then added to the number last week. At first I was going to turn them all into coasters or mug rugs but then I thought some would look good sewn together for a table topper to go with the coasters.

I first made the block by doodling in my sketch book. I wanted a block divided in uneven thirds, vertically.
And so I pieced it together from the sketch, in a liberated manner. Three vertical strips, first from the left, from the top; orange, lt. grey, turquoise. The middle strip, yellow green, Kona cotton solid, Wasabi. And the last strip on the right, turquoise, egg shell, set of three colors and dark grey. It was fun to stay within the 'boundaries' and yet keep hold of liberated piecing.

Then my next experiment was inspired by my friend Carin@ Queenie Patch. She began a project using Cathedral Windows and her's are beautiful. I've always wanted to give them a try so why not now?
Carin has a good tutorial and there are a few on YouTube that made sense to me.
So I made a small sample starting with 7 1/2" blocks in Kona cotton solid Snow.
I think it's a little bit like origami. The color inserts come next.

This weekend road trip to Oakland, CA for a wedding. Lot's of fun and busy stuff.
So that's all from the rancho.
Where I'm remembering to be thankful.

I'll be by to visit.