Saturday, May 28, 2022

Quilt News! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Big Stitch Hand Quilting, Three Pinwheels Improv Quilt Design Progress

16¨x 12” Scrap Triangles, hand quilted redo and finish.

My Mother´s Day flowers, fabulous colors…

Arranging pieces and blocks for my new 3 Pinwheels improv quilt.


Quilt news and Happy Memorial Day Weekend from the valley! 

Spring weather here, showers and flowers.

I haven’t been able to post because of technical difficulties, which are clearing up slowly.

My little Scrap Triangle art quilt, 16” x 12” got a redo. I had finished it some time ago with sloppy machine quilting and I just didn’t like how that turned out! So since I have been enjoying slow stitching lately, I decided to unpick the machine quilting and then big stitch hand quilt it with #8 pearl cotton. And I’m glad I redid it because now that little quilt looks so much better.

I’ve been piecing together a new improv quilt I’m calling 3 Pinwheels, it’s in mostly neutrals and made of leftover blocks and pieces from other projects. This last week I finished the top and will soon get photos up and it will be hand quilted. Yes, I’m loving hand quilting, slower, but so much more meaningful.

If you haven’t read Carolyn Forster’s book, Big Stitch Quilting, a practical guide to sewing and hand quilting, you are missing out on great inspiration. 

Do you have any improv or hand quilting projects in the works?

And that is the news quilt friends, I’m remembering to be thankful and I’ll be by to visit!