Friday, June 5, 2020

Quilt News! Happy June, Yellow the color for June, Embroidered Art Quilt Finishes.

Yellow! Color Calendar color of the month!
Queen Anne's Lace wildflower, this photo goes with my art quilt below.
My art quilt, 'Queen Anne's Lace', is finished.

My small 'wrapping cloth' quilt is finished and at work.

Wrapping cloth opened out and keeping my embroidery thread.

This is how I attached the ribbon on the outside for tying.

Happy Friday from beside the river!
Where we've had triple digit temperatures but now it's cooled off for a few days.

My Color Calendar color of the month is yellow! That's an excellent color for June.
And the words used to describe yellow are; enthusiastic, optimistic, persuasive, imaginative, joyful and carefree.
Those are powerful words. 

My Queen Anne's Lace Art Quilt is finished and the wildflower photo I took of Queen Anne's Lace growing wild goes with it perfect.
There's something amazing about wildflowers, they are opportunistic and come back from a take down swinging. 

I also finished my little quilt made of similar colors as 'Queen Anne's Lace Art Quilt'. I'm using it as a wrapping cloth as in Karen Ruane 's modern embroidered and embellished wrapping cloths.
Karen is known for her beautiful modern embroidery and her great embroidery/project online classes.
My wrapping cloth will hold my embroidery threads and keep them protected.

Also visit Cindy Grisdela  and see her new quilt, 'Picasso's Chickens.'
It's a wonderful example of improv design and piecing.

Stop by Pamela 's to see her beautiful finish on her embroidered bag, talk about a work of art!

That's the news from alongside the river, where I'm remembering to be thankful. 
Very daring don't you think?

How are your projects coming along?
I'll be by to visit.