Saturday, September 28, 2019

Liberated Medallion Quilts, Cotton & Steel's Jubilee Collection, A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park, Averill Park in San Pedro, CA.

Ducks, frogs, turtles and fish fry of some sort live in this pond.

The promenade and gazebo, looks like a good place for wedding photos.

A thing of beauty, an old gnarly tree residing along a path.

This week I pieced more borders around the center medallion.

The prints are by Cotton & Steel, many of them from their 'Jubilee' collection.

It measures 54" x 45" here. Is it done? I've changed my mind before.

Lots of great inspiration packed into this book by Gwen Marston.

Hello from Rancho Palos Verdes, where we have clouds and light rain, refreshing!

This week we walked in the park, while the sun was still shining. The squirrels and park wildlife were entertaining. A little dog, on a leash of course, nearly lost its mind over the ducks.

Being inspired by Gwen Marston's book, Liberated Medallion Quilts, I cut and pieced borders onto the medallion of Yankee Puzzle blocks that I had declared 'done.' Sometimes in designing and piecing a quilt I get to a road block and declaring it done helps me put it away for a while until the creative juices get replenished/renewed. 

That Quilt Friends is the news from the rancho where pumpkin patches around town are beginning to take shape. What was it that Linus from Peanuts and the Gang used to get excited about this time of the year? I think it was keeping vigil for the coming of the Great Pumpkin , yes, that was it. 
Fall is a wonderful time.

What are your favorite fall past times you look forward to?
Remembering to be thankful.

I'll be by to visit.