Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crazy Quilt style "Prairie" #3 almost done....

Beads added....

Roomy pocket here...

The "Prairie" #3 sewing kit is almost done! The pocket  can hold a lot of embroidery tools. I am waiting for more sun to take a good look at it to decide if I am done with the embellishing.
Almost ready to get listed in my Etsy shop .
I am going to start another series of sewing kits, "Strawberries and
Chocolate". I like the idea of having constraints on my projects,then I can focus on what I like best, embellishing.
For inspiration and encouragement with your projects visit, Sharon B's WIP .

Back opened out...You can see the crushed velvet ties here.

Close-up of beads added around silk yo-yo.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Embroidery tools and inspirations... Happy Friday!

This silver tray keeps some of my embroidery tools and pretty things close at hand. The Altoids tin
holds beads. I am a collector of sparkly things, I recycle and trade in and out, so to keep it fresh.
Karen Ruane always posts interesting and inspiring pictures of her work space and tools and ledgers.
Make sure and visit her blog, here, Karen Ruane .
Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating Romantic Purses book review.....

"Family Album" purse, page 18-19 in book, how beautiful is that?
 Creating Romantic Purses by Marilyn Green & Carole Cree is such an inspiring book. They wow you with gorgeous color combinations and to die for embellishments. The directions are very practical. My inspiration levels soar when looking at the pictures.
I highly recommend this book. You can buy it thru, Flights of Fancy Boutiques .

I got a bit more on my "Prairie" #3 sewing kit done. Some embroidery and another silk yo yo sewed down.
Keep yourself inspired, keep the artist within alive!!

 Visit Sharon B's Work in Progress Wednesday for some great encouragement and inspiration.

I added some beads and orange french knots and the silk yo yo; right.

I added beading around the big turquoise bead on the pocket.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crazy Quilt style "Prairie" sewing kit, more embellishment added...

Close-up of embroidery, feather stitch, french knots and beads.

 Progress is being made on crazy quilt style, "Prairie" #3 sewing kit. Beading and french knots can be a little tedious, especially beading. I use a threading tool to get the thread thru the tiny eye of the beading needle. The threader is a bit temperamental, everything has to be done just right.
So to get inspiration and encouragement I visit Sharon B's, .

Chevron Stitch added here.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Silk Embroidery on new crazy quilt sewing kit....

Weather is cooling, I have to get in a couple more swims....


I got in and swam around in the pool this morning, a couple of more weeks and only the bravest will be still be doing that.
I also got silk embroidery started on my newest crazy quilt sewing kit made of silks, taffeta, etc. I haven't titled this series yet. Maybe, Strawberries and Chocolate?
Happy Friday, enjoy something beautiful today!

Silk embroidery started on my newest crazy quilt sewing kit.

More hand embroidery here...feather and stem stitch.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Embellishing sewing kit with beads and hand embroidery......

beads added around silk yoyos and feather stitch

Turquoise bead added, right, blue beads on left....

Feather stitch added here.

 I've had time to get some embroidery and beads added. The big turquoise bead went in and the little blue Czech beads, which I really like for the sparkle.

I get attached to my embellishments so I spend some time making sure they go in just the right place. The glass crystal vintage button was hard for me to "give up", rare and well made. It sets off the silk yoyos with the white netting. More embellishing to come.

Crystal vintage button added to yoyos here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Prairie" #3 sewing kit embellishing with hand embroidery....

Silk yo-yos have been sewn down..
Pocket close-up, felted wool needle keep on left.
Hand embroidery, buttons, beads, netting and silk yo-yos added.

October is here! The temperatures have finally dropped, it's still hot here in September.  I paid bills today, cleaned bathrooms and got a little embroidery done on "Prairie" #3 sewing kit, whew.
Check out Sharon's WIP Wednesday for inspiration and encouragement getting those projects done.