Friday, August 28, 2020

Quilt News, Happy Friday From the Valley! Piecing & Arranging Summer Quilt #2, Piecing Nine Patches for Border

Beginning of Summer Quilt #2, arranging units, several months ago.
Wild flowers along Coyote Creek Trail, goldenrod and thistle.
The trees in the background are cottonwood and willow.
This small quilt, Grey Star, finished last summer, has a sawtooth border and Summer Quilt #2 will get a similar border outside its nine patch border.
Piecing and arranging nine patch blocks for next border on Summer #2 quilt.
This ornamental plum tree is outside my window, I like the red-purple leaves.
More wildflowers along Coyote Creek Trail.
Nine patch border getting longer.
This is Coyote Creek, mostly dry right now.
The Coyote Creek Trail is on top of the levy here.
Wild Fennel and thistle, note the dry grass, that's where the Gold State gets its name.

Quilt News and Happy Friday from the valley!
The big move is over, adjusting is currently on the ticket.

Yes, I've mixed up the order of my photos because I like the colors mixed up.

The temperatures are cooler here but it's still dried out. Last week there were some wild fires in the surrounding hills and for a few days air quality wasn't good. But this week the wildfires are under control and the air is a lot better, thankfully.

And I've been piecing a nine patch border for my Summer Quilt #2. A sawtooth border will go outside that next, similar to the sawtooth border on my small summer quilt I named Grey Star. That little quilt, Grey Star, was finished last summer. 

That, quilt friends, is the quilt news from the valley where progress is being made!
What projects and colors have you been dreaming about?
I've been thinking about and studying neutrals/low volume colors lately.

Stop in and visit Jean Wells, she has some great ideas on color for a class she's putting together. She gets a lot of inspiration from her garden.

Always remembering to be thankful.
I'll be by to visit soon.