Thursday, July 30, 2020

Quilt News, Primary Plaid Small Quilt Layered Ready for Basting, Calaveras Big Tree Visit, enjoy Summer!

Calaveras Big Trees State Park

My small quilt, 'Primary Plaids', hand piecing in progress.

Primary Plaid backing in yellow plaid and my copy of Liberated Quilt Making ll.

Yellow plaid backing in morning light.

'Primary Plaids', layered ready for hand quilting.

Closer view, of improv piecing, fun don't you think?

Quilt News from beside the American River.
And it's hot and sunny here, I hope you're enjoying your summer.

Last Tuesday we visited Calaveras Big Trees State Park. It was a hot day but the trees were impressive and the forest smell was intoxicating. Note to self; when going on a hike in hot weather, go early and bring plenty of water. We did both but I saw an older couple who didn't bring enough water and looked heat exhausted, I think the First Responders had to come and rescue them, really.

I finished hand piecing my Primary Plaids small quilt and layered it with batting and backing, ready now for basting and hand quilting. It goes with my color calendar color of the month, Primary. And actually we know that the primary colors are three, red, yellow and blue. But that's okay, I'm flexible! 
I used cotton fabric from shirts I picked up at the local thrift shop. Wouldn't you know it, they were perfect for my primary color theme.

You know what's exciting? My color calendar color of the month for August is blue! I peeked ahead.

And we're probably moving in a week or two back to Santa Clara Valley, some call it Silicon Valley.
I will miss the quiet here and watching the wild turkey families tour for bugs.

And that, Quilt Friends, is the quilt news from beside the river.
Where we're remembering to be thankful and helping others as we can.

Hope you're enjoying color and process and I'll be by to visit!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Quilt News! Color for July Primary, Study in Green, Hand Piecing Project Progress

Color calendar color for July, Primary; red, yellow, blue!

A Study in Green, inspiration photo, taken in Maple Valley WA.

Study in Green, blocks began with hourglass challenge.

New Kona Roll-Up, Spring Meadow Palette.

This is the beginning of my hand piecing project, Primary Plaids.

More progress here.

And more....

This is how it stands as of today.

Back View of Primary Plaids.

                   Quilt News from alongside the American River, where temp.s are in high the 90's, it is July after all!

This week I finished more hand piecing on my quilt project, Primary Plaids, naming it for the July color on my Color Calendar. I want it to be longer than wide, haven't decided on when to stop.
It's fun to work on because I'm doing it 'old school', no rotary cutting, no sewing machine.

Then my Kona Cotton Roll Up in Spring Meadow Palette came in the mail. I'm going to use it to fill out my green blocks started with the AHIQ Hourglass challenge. Slowly but surely things will get done.
I'm in no hurry right now.

So Quilt Friends that is the quilt news from along side the river, where I'm remembering to be thankful and praying for healing for our nation. We don't deserve his mercy but he is a good God.

I'll be by to visit.


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Quilt News Along the River, Hand Piecing Progress and Thankful for the Fourth of July!

Many years ago with one of my darling babies.

Fourth of July fireworks stand in town.

Hand Piecing into sections and arranging.

A different angle.

Happy July and almost the Fourth already!
Quilt news from along side the river where temperatures are in the 90's this week.

There are firework stands open around town and I heard some experimenting with fireworks going on last night. I think sparklers were my favorite when I was a kid. What was your favorite?

And I am grateful and thankful for all those who through the years have held our nation dear enough to serve and give their lives for our freedom and safety. And for those simple folk in my family who immigrated to this nation in hope of a better life. Who farmed and while not ever being rich, they had food and clothes and safety and self respect.
My God we have so much to be thankful for!

More hand piecing has been accomplished. It's not the fastest process but after a while when your hand eye co-ordination improves you pick up speed. And I have found a YouTube video showing the hand piecing technique of Mieko of Mieko Happytime. She does amazing work. Her blocks and fabrics are beautiful. 

That my friends is the quilt news from along side the American River. 

Is freedom really the ability to do anything you want whenever you want? I overheard a veteran say after he had been complimented for serving our country and protecting our freedoms, 
'You know, real freedom is a state of mind.'
God bless him and all those brave veterans who have served and gave their lives for our country.