My Crazy Quilts and Sewing Projects 2010-2019

Embroidery, Prairie Points and embellishments on one of my projects.


One of my 'Prairie' style sewing kits/needle case with crushed velvet tie.

Opened showing embroidery, Prairie Points and embellishments.

Opened to show pocket and wool felted needle keep.

Back showing French Knots and cross stitch.
This is another sewing kit made of silks, up close details.

and more details.

This is the sewing kit made with silks, unfolding.

Opened out showing felted wool needle keep.

More up close.

Showing embroidery and embellishments.

Showing pocket and needle keep.

Back side opened out, the crushed velvet tie is sewn to the back.

Silk sewing kit tied with crushed velvet ribbon.

Another one of my 'Prairie' style sewing kits

Front view tied with crushed velvet ribbon.

Opened out back view.

Pocket for sewing tools, with yo yos, embroidery and embellishments.

Bottom view of my thread catcher, side view below.

Sewing Tool/Thread Catcher, free pattern, my fabric choice and arrangement.

My crazy quilt, 'Prima Donna', my design, embroidery, embellishment and fabric choice.

Batik hearts, soon to be embroidered and made into Christmas ornaments.
I knitted the teddy's sweater, blue and red below.

Free pattern, my embroidery, embellishments and finishing design.

Another sewing kit I made with pink linen, embellished by me.

I free form machine quilted fabric for this zipper pouch.

I machine quilted fabric and made a pincushion, needle case and tool catcher with it.

I sewed an apron for my DDIL, a Simplicity pattern.

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 'Wide Mouth Zipper Pouch', pattern by

I pieced and machine quilted the fabric for another 'Wide Mouth Zipper Bag.'

Bottom view, boxed.

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