Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Quilt News! Color of the Month, White, Finished Red and Blue 4 Medallion Quilt Top, Thread Catcher Finish, Joseph Grant Park Hike


Lick Mill Observatory seen from Joseph Grant Park.

Joseph Grant Park trail meanders around historical buildings.

Oak tree in the park, a thing of wonder.

Red and Blue 4 Medallion quilt top finished, 60" x 60".

My Amaryllis, still blooming, a beautiful example of the color white.

Closer view of 4 Medallion top, the solid blues are Kona Cotton solids.

Yet another view, The black and white striped border by Cotton & Steel sets it off great.

January color of the month white!

My latest thread catcher finish, pieced with scraps/leftovers.

Quilt News! and Happy New Year!

My color calendar color of the month is white and I posted the photo of my white Amaryllis blooming, to celebrate, a stunning example of the color white!

I finally pieced the black and white stripped border onto my Red and Blue 4 Medallion quilt top, it's 60" x 60" and finished. I started it a couple of years ago just experimenting with the center medallions not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them.

The thread catcher I'm going to give as a gift is finished. I hand stitched the top binding down for effect.

Over the holiday we drove up to Joseph Grant Park in the Diablo Range Foothills, and hiked around. It used to be a privately owned ranch. Several years ago when we lived in Washington State we actually met one of Joseph Grants' descendants, living then in Washington.

If you want to be inspired and amazed by improv quilt design stop in and visit Debbie at her blog and see her newest design using the tumbler block.

And that, quilt friends is the quilt news from the valley, where projects are getting finished, maybe not fast, but finished all the same.

And we're remembering to be thankful, saying a kind word and giving a helping hand where it's needed.

I'll be by to visit!