Saturday, October 22, 2016

Butterfly Blocks, Union Oyster House, Fall Color...

We drove into Boston and ate here.

The little prince, 2 weeks old.

Fall color, looking out the back door.

I had time to increase to 20" x 20" this week.

Looking out the front door, fall color, beautiful.
More butterfly four patch blocks made up.

This was a busy week. Not a lot of time to sew but I did get time to increase my butterfly four patch from 16" x 16" to 20"x 20". To some of you with tons of time on your hands that might not seem like a lot but to me that's an accomplishment.

The little prince is growing and likes to cuddle and oh, did I mention snack and nap and then snack and nap again..... His mom of course does most of the work and I help out where I'm needed.

Fall is spectacular here with the show of leaves. My husband and I took a little time off and drove to Boston to see the sights. We got to eat at Union Oyster House, quaint interior, New England style.
The food was good, we had oysters and fish, hit the spot!

Hope your weekend is relaxing and rejuvenating!
I'll be by to visit and enjoy your projects, see you soon.