Friday, November 1, 2019

Modern Quilt 'Grey Star', Rob Appell of Man Sewing, Fields From Above

'Grey Star' modern quilt design as of today.
Grey Star came from these units.

Happy November 1st from Rancho Palos Verdes!

We're enjoying sun and cooler temperatures, the winds have slowed down and humidity is higher,  so the wild fires have slowed way down around here.
Northern CA had a huge wildfire in Sonoma County, hopefully that's been contained today. What a mess. God bless everyone living in that area.

This week was busy but I managed to get some time in arranging, unpicking, repiecing and naming my latest modern art quilt, 'Grey Star.'
Yes, I do plan on paper first but arranging with the actual colors and prints always looks different and suggests other possibilities. My design inspiration here comes from the concept of layering. The thought being that at least a couple of different themes are going on in the design and they combine to make a unique statement.
One of my inspirations in the quilt world is Rob Appell of Man Sewing. He does a wonderful example of layering in his YouTube video tutorial, Fields From Above. 

What's your current project inspiration?

And that my quilt friends is the news from the rancho, where bits of time are being used to experiment and further the progress of modern art quilting!
Taking walks and keeping life rolling takes up the rest of it.

I'm remembering to be thankful and I'll be by to visit.