Friday, July 29, 2016

What's on Your Worktable Friday?...Tiger Lily Fabric too....

Snowball and flying geese blocks sewn together!

Blocks for my 'sampler', shoo-fly and pinwheels next.

'Tiger Lily' fabric came in the mail, for sashing, backing and binding.

Happy Friday-Weekend!!!!

Lots of work got done here this week. I finished the snow-ball row and the flying geese row, from my Craftsy class by Amanda Jean Nyberg, 'Colorful Scrap Quilting.' I'm taking the class to 'keep in shape', to study up on what makes a good quilt instructor. I've kept to the prescribed directions pretty much but the 'wonky' temptation is coming on strong and I think I'll have to go 'wonky' on the shoo fly blocks, and the sashing will measure differently too.

The fabric I ordered to finish this quilt came in the mail from Connecting Threads. The strawberry colored 'butterfly' fabric will be backing, the pink 'girls in trees' will be sashing and the yellow 'flowers' will be binding. Or maybe I'll change my mind and switch it all around.
The fabric is by Heather Ross for Windham. I love her designs.

That's what I've been working on. Please pass the ice-tea and turn on the air-conditioner!

Stay cool and relax!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quilt Design, Improvisation, Modern, My Way....AHIQ link-up.....

Citrus Rose, 43" x 36" my design.
Back of Citrus Rose with hanging sleeve.

Santa Clara 3, designed by me.
Back of Santa Clara 3, hand stitching, machine quilted.

Santa Clara 3, 39" x 21", close-up.

Happy Tuesday!!

I finally got around to taking a full, well lit photo of two of my smaller art, modern type quilts.
Citrus Rose was first sketched out on paper a couple of years ago when I saw a colorful middle eastern bed covering and I thought, "That is a cool idea!" I didn't want to make a huge quilt with the design so I scaled it down to test it out. I made strip blocks, sewed them into columns and sewed the columns together, then added the borders. 
It's hand quilted with 3 strands of embroidery floss.

Santa Clara 3 was made of extra blocks from Santa Clara 2, 54"x 17". I sewed a border around the blocks and machine quilted it and hand embellished with running stitch in embroidery floss. The blocks are 'square in a square.'

These quilts I designed and improvised with fabric I had from my fabric collection and working out a rough sketch on paper. That's my style. I'm linking up with Sew Slowly and Fret Not, AHIQ,
Stop in to see some amazing quilts and ideas. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

What's on Your Worktable Friday???? Summer Fun...

Snowball, quarter square triangle and fan blade blocks.

Fan blade, nine patch, nine patch in a square blocks.

Happy Friday and weekend to everyone!!

More blocks have been sewn together for my sampler quilt I'm working on in the online class I'm taking, Amanda Jean Nyberg's Craftsy Class, Colorful Scrap Quilting.
Sashing will separate the rows of different blocks. 
I ordered fun fabric for the sashing and back, from the Tiger Lily collection by Windham fabrics, from Connecting . Hint, there are butterflies involved.
That's what's on my worktable. What about yours?

Kids are having a blast splashing at the pool.
Teens are enjoying their pool parties.
The wild California quail at the local pond have reproduced and can be seen taking dust baths in the evening with their latest brood.
Ahh, summer time at its best.


Friday, July 15, 2016

What's on Your Worktable Friday???

12 butterfly blocks finished, now how to set them?

More blocks I'm working on ....

Happy Friday and weekend!!!

I've sewn up 12 mini butterfly blocks, and yes, in the picture one block has a seam partially picked out because I needed to redo that seam. Now I'll decide whether to finish the mini quilt according to the pattern, Mini Painted Ladies,
or to add some wonky log cabin frames around them.

Also, I'm finishing nine patch, framed nine patch and snowball blocks for my sampler quilt I'm working on in 

Taking classes, online classes are so convenient, helps me to be a better instructor. I teach sewing and quilt classes at a local fabric store. Watching good quilters teach and working through other people's instructions keeps me on my toes.

Watermelon and sandals, hope you're enjoying your summer!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Work and Fun, Kaffe Fassett's New Book a Good Read, hand embroidery....

Yes, today I got some house work done.

'Heritage Quilts' came in the mail, great colors and blocks.

Charity quilt for my local quilt guild, I sewed down the binding today.
Happy Friday!!!

California Rolls and Buffalo Blue Kettle Chips anyone?
We must celebrate you know!
What do you do for fun food for Friday?

I got house work done in the morning and I finished the little blanket for charity for my quilt guild in the afternoon. We are a nonprofit so we give quilts away to those in need. What is more comforting than a quilt anyway?

Oh, the embroidery on the kitchen towel is mine. I learned to embroider on kitchen towels and I still enjoy doing that from time to time. It takes me back to a quieter more gentle time.

Kaffe Fassett's book, 'Heritage Quilts' published by Taunton Press, came in the mail and I've been reading it and loving the colors and block arrangements. Tons of inspiration! When I put my feet up this evening I'll be reading and ohhhhing and ahhhing over the pictures.

Hope your Friday was good and enjoy your weekend!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Butterfly Blocks, Celebrating Butterflies with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies....

My butterfly calendar, month of July, and some blocks I'm working on.

Butterfly blocks for a mini quilt, design by Fig Tree Co.

Red Spot Jezebel is the July showcase in my butterfly calendar, I like the colors in the photo. 
I found a butterfly mini quilt, designed by Fig Tree & Co., that looked like a fun project. I don't know yet if I'll follow the pattern exactly or improvise around the blocks a little. The blocks are about 4" x 4", and they're a bit fiddly until you remember which corners get snowballed without having to have the pattern in front of you.
I've been noticing more Monarchs in my neighborhood, I think they know when they're being admired. 

Happy Fourth of July!!