Thursday, June 27, 2019

Quilt News, Yankee Puzzle Blocks, Alice Gets Another Red Border, Remembering Heroes.

This is the block, Yankee Puzzle.

Yankee Puzzle block is 8" square, made of HSTs.

Pieced and measures 32" sqr. it will soon have a 2" border all around.
'Alice in Red' block has another border and now measures 17" square.

California peaches, free stone and easy to peel, it's that time of the year!

Happy summer and it's almost the weekend,
 With 4th of July coming up next Thursday!

The clouds have burned off and the sun is warming it up here.

My Yankee Puzzle block quilt has been pieced and will soon have a 2" border making it 36" finished.
Red certainly takes the dominant place or depending on how you look at it, the neutral place.

'Alice in Red' block has had another border added to bring it up to the same size as my 'Alice in Blue' block. They will make up a medallion center. I'm designing or improvising as I go.

In remembrance of all the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces, and remembering all who've given their lives in that service, we are grateful.  There is no way to repay what you've done, we owe you all our deepest respect and gratitude.

That my Quilt Friends is the news from the rancho, where I'm remembering to be thankful.
How are your projects coming along, using any red?

I'll be by to visit.