Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pink for February and Orange for RSC Color of the Month, Torrance Beach Feeding Frenzy

Hour Glass blocks in orange for RSC February color challenge.

My color calendar color of the month, pink.
Feeding frenzy at Torrance Beach.

Seagulls and ravens cleaned up fast.

Happy February!
from the rancho where we have sun and warm temperatures.

This morning while we were enjoying the beach, someone dropped off treats for the seagulls and ravens on the sidewalk, a riot of feeding birds ensued. Everyone walked around them. The birds had the sidewalk cleaned up in a matter of minutes. It was quite a show. 

My color calendar color of the month for February is pink and the RSC color challenge for this month is orange. I think the two go together well so I decided to join in the RSC orange challenge for fun. Color is so worth it!

Julierose pieced together some tiny Hour Glass Blocks, the squares she started with were 2.5" I believe. Visit her blog to see them. And yes, they were in oranges.
I caught the bug and made some Hour Glass Blocks in orange but I started with 3.5" squares. My finished Hour Glass Blocks are 2 3/4".

And so quilt friends, the piecing and color fun continues here.
I'll be by to visit and share in your color adventures.