Wednesday, April 11, 2018

'Uptown' Log Cabin Blocks, Double Water Wheel Block Piecing, Temecula Quilt Co. Sewing Tool Organizer

'Uptown" Log Cabin Blocks arranged, 28"x 28".
I foundation pieced the log cabin blocks on flannel.
Piecing, pressing, and arranging Double Water Wheel block for my traditional sampler.

Vintage style sewing tool organizer, 8" x 2 1/2", from Temecula Quilt Co.

Hello from the Pacific NW! 
Where we have spring weather; clouds, rain and cool temperatures.

This week I worked on arranging my 'Welsh Folded Log Cabin'  style blocks. My inspiration came from Tonye Belinda Phillips' pattern of the same name, 'Welsh Folded Log Cabin.'
I had my log cabin blocks sewn together but I wasn't happy with how they looked. So blocks were unpicked, moved around and turned upside down. Then I sewed them back together and I think I'm happy with it now. I'll give them a few days before it's final.
I'm naming the log cabin block small quilt 'Uptown'.

Design should be slow, as Rayna Gillman says in her book, Create Your Own Improv Quilts . This is a great book for design ideas, not to copy but how to get your own ideas cooking.

I also did some research on Welsh Quilts and found a lot of information at by Jen Jones. Jen has written books on the Welsh quilt and quilting tradition.

And I had time to cut out, sew together and press the pieces for my Double Water Wheel block, from a free traditional quilt pattern called 'Rest and Refreshing' by Piecing the Past Quilts.

My sewing tool organizer came in the mail. It fits perfect in my sewing drawer and holds scissors, seam picker, small ruler, marker etc. all those important things that can get tossed around and jumbled, not any more! It's 8" x 2 1/2" x 1". Temecula Quilt Co. sells them,  in other sizes too.
It's a fun online quilt shop, with great patterns and fabric, traditional with a fun design spin.

That's the news from the shire, where progress is being made and we're using umbrellas to stay dry.
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