Monday, April 30, 2018

'Smoky Plum' Blocks, Grape Hyacinth, Sew Stitch Snap Share #25, Debbie Jeske's 'Grape Fizzy'

My 'Smoky Plum' sampler blocks, 12 1/2" when trimmed up, started last summer.

Quarter Circle block, I liked this one so I made two for this sampler.

Nine Patch block with a good example of smoky plum.
We visited a botanical garden last weekend, the grape hyacinth put on a fabulous show.

We saw historical pictures, antiques and records of early settler families here. 

Happy Monday and May 1st is tomorrow! 
We've had showers and sun trading off, typical spring weather, right?

I pulled out my 'Smoky Plum' sampler blocks from the Improv Piecing class I took last summer with Debbie Jeske teaching it at Gossipium Quilt Shop  in Issaquah, Wa.
I was working on the rail fence block last night and got fed up with it. I picked out seams and strips and left them in a pile imagining the worst. Then I went to bed.
This morning I got up and looked over the pile and did some rearranging. Then, sewed up strips into blocks and hey! not half bad after all. That goes to show that working when you're tired is not always a good thing.
I have one more block to make up and haven't decided yet what it will be, maybe a 'crazy' block.
There might be sashing between the blocks, still thinking on that. Got any ideas?

Did you notice, no orange!

We visited a local botanical garden, spring flowers were everywhere. There was a beautiful walk down to a stream, very refreshing. Grape hyacinth, rhododendron, and camellia were blooming, just to name a few.

Visit Debbie Feske at A Quilter's Table to see her 'Grape Fizzy' quilt. She made it for the 2018 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Ultra Violet Edition. Fun design and colors, don't miss it!

I'm also linking up with Sew Stitch Snap Share hosted by Linda @ Koka Quilts. It's a great opportunity to share and get inspired, stop in to see.
Thank you, Linda.

That's the news from the shire. Have a great week and I'll be by to visit!