Thursday, February 22, 2024

Quilt News! 3 Coneflowers Medallion with Borders Quilt Challenge Update and Progress, Second Border and Counting....

First Border, dark half square triangles all around.


Second Border, light.... there will be more!

Hello Quilt Friends! 

Sun mixed in with clouds this morning. 

And I'm reporting my progress on 3 Coneflowers Medallion Challenge Quilt in the way of two added borders. Visit Audrey @ quiltyfolk to check out the Bramble Blooms challenge prompts. I'm using the prompts as a general guideline that's how I work.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Gwen Marston's books. Her book Liberated Medallion Quilts is packed with great design ideas in the 'liberated' way. 

That's the update from the valley where more design, piecing and progress will be forthcoming soon!

I'll be by to visit.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Quilt News! Bramble Blooms Challenge Progress on 3 Coneflowers Medallion Quilt, First Border Half Square Triangles Piecing, Happy Friday!

First border of half square triangles laid out around center medallion

Border piecing in progress...



Hello quilt friends! 

This a quick update on piecing progress on my 3 Coneflowers Medallion Quilt started as I joined in the Bramble Blooms challenge by Audrey @ quiltyfolk

I decided the first border would be 1/2 square triangles and the piecing has begun. Other projects are being moved foward but news on those later.

Today the sun is out and I must get out and walk in it!

Hope you enjoy your Friday too and find a place to relax. I'll be by to visit!

Monday, February 5, 2024

Quilt News! Bramble Blooms QAL Progress, 3 Coneflowers Medallion, Machine Applique, Raw Edge....

Flowers and stems auditioning...

Started sewing pieces down ...

Now onto the first border....



Hello Quilt Friends!

I wanted to post my Bramble quilt along project, 3 Coneflowers, progress. The colors came together as I remembered one of my favorite art coaches saying, 'Light, dark, light, dark' and that helps me when choosing what color to lay down where. 

Then I found a few 'raw edge' machine applique tutorials that made sense to me and I was brave and sewed the pieces down! Next onto cutting out and piecing the first border.

That is the Bramble QAL news from the valley!

Have you made any choices or progress on any projects, that's half the fun isn't it?

I'll be by to visit. And Linda @ Koka Quilts says and I quote, "May the usual creative chaos continue!"

Friday, February 2, 2024

Quilt News! Log Cabin Quilt in Furrow Configuration Finish! My Barn Raising Medallion with Borders Quilt Top Ready for Big Stitch Hand Quilting, Koka Quilts for Color Pop Inspiration!

Batting cut out for Barn Raising Medallion with Borders quilt top, 56"x 56".

Quilt backing pieced for my Barn Raising Medallion quilt top.

My Log Cabin Quilt in Furrow Configuration, 43 x 43" finished!


Hello Quilt Friends from the valley where we are enjoying warmer temperatures and projects are being moved forward and finishes are happening!

I finished sewing the binding down onto my Log Cabin Quilt in Furrow Configuration, it's hand quilted with #8 Perle cotton in Topaz, and measures 43" x 43". This one will be a gift.

Then I bravely pulled out my quilt top Barn Raising Medallion with Borders, started about 5 yr.s ago. I was studying Gwen Marston's books Liberated Quiltmaking ll and Liberated Medallion Quilts, published by AQS, and working on 1/2 square triangles and borders. Borders add lots of color and design interest right? I measured/cut out batting and pieced a backing for my Barn Raising Medallion quilt top last week. Next will be pin basting and starting on hand quilting.

Then after all the hard work, I was ready for relaxation and inspiration, which I found in abundance at Linda's Koka Quilts. I got my color fix and tons of inspiration and technique tips, thank you Linda!

And that is the news from the compound, where life is good! 

What are you moving forward or finishing this week?

I'll be by to visit.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Quilt News! Hand Sewn Rice Bag with Sashiko Stitches Finish! Improv Log Cabin in Furrow Formation Binding Finish! Temperatures Warmed up a Little Here, Yey!

My Rice Bag finished @ 3.5" Sq. sides and bottom @ 4" Sq. , it's lined.

I was inspired by several different patterns; mixed and matched, to get to this finish.

Red Amaryllis flamboyantly blooming in my kitchen window, it now has four blossoms opened.


Hello Quilt Friends! 

The temperatures have warmed up a few degrees and the frozen rain on the ground is starting to thaw here. I braved a walk to the mail box and was very careful to avoid the slippery spots. I made it back safely. It was good to get out for a walk. Last post I said I was glad that there had been no snow yet. Well now there has been snow and frozen rain plus wind, but as I said it's now warming up and thawing a little. I'm thankful.

And I've finished my Rice Bag project. I wanted to make one up so I researched different patterns and tutorials. I decided the first one was going to be small because I wanted to hand stitch it. I did stitch most of the seams by hand but finished around the top and tabs with machine because I figured they would get more wear and I think machine stitching is a bit sturdier. I used scraps and improv piecing for the sides and used Sashiko Stitches for embellishment. Fun project, I will make more in different sizes. Jean Wells has interesting tutorials on her rice bag pattern and it's worth a watch!

My Red Amaryllis now has four blooms open and what a treat to see on a dark stormy morning. They will grow and thrive out in the yard in a protected spot (from the heat) in S CA. As my daughter-in-law said, "O those, my dad grows those in his back yard." Wonderful for him. Here in the PNW the bulbs have to brought in for the winter of course.

My Improv Log Cabin in Furrow Formation, 42" x 42" is done! I finished the binding last week. I was inspired by Temecula Quilt Co.'s quilt pattern Down Home Darling. And that quilt was inspired by a vintage quilt Sheryl Johnson, owner of Temecula Quilt Co. found. My blocks were a different size than the blocks in Down Home Darling and I made the starting red square different sizes to add challenge and interest in piecing, thus the 'improv'. Next post I'll have photos of the finish.

That is the quilt news from the valley where projects are getting finished and I'm dreaming up more!

I'll be by to visit!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Quilt News! Color for the New Year by Tula Pink, Improv Log Cabin Blocks Progress Inspired by Mary Hogan's Book, Log Cabin Improv, Applique Center Medallion Challenge Design Process

My Improv Log Cabin blocks, 12 blocks, approx 11" x 11" ea.

Solid colors by Tula Pink, half yard ea. with a stack of similar batiks to the left.

This is where I'm at with the Applique Medallion Challenge project, slow and easy does it.

   Hello Quilt Friends, Happy New Year!

And prayers for our friends in Japan suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake. Life can be tough at times, if anyone tells you different they are lying.

I have decided on a color theme for the start of this year and it centers around my half yard solids by Tula Pink. Tula's way with color is energizing and speaks right to my heart. 

I took some time to piece additions to my Improv Log Cabin blocks, 12 of them and they will all soon measure 11" square each. I'm still debating whether to add borders. If I do add borders they will be wonky/improv style. These blocks were inspired by the book by Mary Hogan, Log Cabin Improv Quilts with a Twist on Tradition. Mary's book is full of great ideas, tutorials and color choices.

And I have made design choices on my Applique Center Medallion Challenge project. The challenge is by Audrey @ quiltyfolk. I'm a slow stitcher and in absolutely no hurry on this project. But some small decisions have been made, that's what I tell myself.

That is the quilt news from the valley where we've had rain and no snow yet, and I am thankful. Snow is beautiful but I can live without it.

Happy New Year, I'll be by to visit.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Quilt News, Happy Holidays! Four Small Scrappy Quilts Finished with Yellow/Brown Sunflower Batik and Burnt Orange Print Binding! Spreading Holiday Cheer One Cookie at a Time!

A scrappy table/hot mat with Burnt Orange print binding finish for a gift.

Another finish, Two Hour Glass Blocks and a Wonky Flying Geese Border with Sunflower Batik binding.

I changed the binding on this small quilt from a solid purple to a Sunflower Batik in yellow/brown.

Binding finish here in Burnt Orange and Brown Print.



Happy Holidays Quilt Friends! from the valley where we have rain and clouds.

I have been baking Gingerbread cookies and Oatmeal cookies to share around the neighborhood. Nothing like a good cookie to spread holiday cheer!

I finished my four table mat quilts last week for gifts, yes! I found a beautiful Sunflower Batik at the local JoAnn Fabric and I knew that would work for a cheerful binding on a couple of my table mat projects. 

I had sewn a purple binding down onto the front of one of them, ( you can see it in my previous post ) but wasn't happy with the solid purple. So I unpicked it and sewed on the Sunflower Batik instead for binding, a lot better for a bright look for the kitchen.

And that is my quilt project finishes. I'll see you in January!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

I'll be by to visit.