Saturday, January 13, 2018

Borders and Sashing, Making Units or 'Bits' for Summer Project

Summer improv project with two borders added of string and saw tooth units.
Getting ready to pin and sew on another border.

Fifth border sewn on with string and saw tooth units.

My butterfly blocks are separated by 3/4" sashing.
They are mini blocks, 4 1/2" sq w/o seam allowances.

Happy Weekend! 

from the Pacific NW, where the temperatures have thawed and we have mist and clouds.

I've been busy sewing on sashing (butterfly blocks) and borders (summer improv).
In reading through 'Improv Patchwork, Dynamic Quilts Made with Line and Shape' by Maria Shell,
I've been reminded to pay attention to basic construction details we all know and practice (most of the time:), simple things like pressing new seams open and pinning before sewing that seam. Those two, time consuming little steps do make a difference. For instance, pinning eliminates 'wavy' borders.

And Maria in her chapter, 'Putting it All Together', talks about 'bit making', in other words, 'making a lot of smaller units' to be arranged into a bigger design. That idea makes the design process accessible and understandable. 
That's the buzz here in the shire, reading good books and making progress.

I hope you enjoy your day and remember to share a smile!
I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

January Butterfly, Finished Blocks, 'Tiger Lily' Kona Cotton Color of the Year !!

Finished butterfly blocks, each 5" x 5".
January 2018, Common Lime Butterfly.

Old town street view, Poulsbo, WA.

Viking mural, Poulsbo is very proud of its Viking heritage.

Famous, Sluys' Poulsbo Bakery.

'The Quilt Shoppe', Poulsbo Washington.

Maritime Museum and visitor center, Poulsbo, WA.

Happy January from the Pacific NW.
Where we had a wonderful time with family, and a white Christmas.

We took time to sightsee and visit a quilt shop over Christmas vacation.
Taking the ferry from Edmonds, we landed in Kingston and drove to Poulsbo, WA. 

There we had to stop at the famous Sluys Poulsbo Bakery. Where they make from scratch, in small batches, all their baked goods. It smelled like heaven inside! And yes, we did buy some goodies to take back with us.

I stopped into 'The Quilt Shoppe' and bought some new batiks. They had some cute 'viking' prints made for them by Michael Miller , and a good variety of batiks.

And calendar butterfly for January is the Lime/Lemon Butterfly.
Their favorite food is cultivated lime. They enjoy mud puddling.
They live in areas near the equator.

Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton color of the year has been published and it is 'Tiger Lily' , a vibrant red/orange! Of course I'm very happy about that, orange is one of my favorite colors.
I use orange as an accent. It can't be beat for the pop it brings and the life it adds to the party.
Yes, I've ordered a jelly roll of Tiger Lily already.

That's the news from the shire. 
Where I'm thankful for all of you quilt, color and design aficionados!
I'll be by to visit.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Piecing Units, Color Decisions, Quilt Finish, AHIQ # 28

Units and borders being interviewed to be added onto my art quilt.

Nice color for the table, 18" x 60".

We had a beautiful, white Christmas.

This is before the binding was sewn down, it's just pinned here.

Close up of Santa Clara runner, 18" x 60".

Hello! from snowy, icy, Renton, WA!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I wanted to duck in for AHIQ # 28. I'm always happy to see all the projects and colors being shared 
in AHIQ hosted by Ann and Kaja. Do stop in and share and be inspired.

I've been piecing units to add to my improv challenge quilt, Attract. I started it over the summer.
In the photo the dark color is navy blue and the strip that looks dark blue is actually dark purple or violet. Some quilter's 'pull' fabric before starting a project. I don't work that way or using that terminology. When I'm looking for color inspiration I look outside of my fabric stash/sewing room.

I find inspiration in nature; the morning light in the forest, or over a pond. I look through good interior design publications such as Country Sampler BOHO Style, special issue 2017, or Romantic Homes, January 2018. I'm trained in interior design/art and I learned to guard and treasure sources of inspiration. Some fiber artists make up a cloth book filled with hand embroidery, lace bits, color samples from paper and cloth. Excellent source for keeping a record of favorite color combinations etc.
I usually choose just two main colors and then I choose two fabrics with those colors in them and from there I broaden my fabric choices always complementing the two original colors. So in a nut shell, that's my process in choosing the colors I work with.

Santa Clara quilt runner is finished and ready to brighten up the world.

Happy Holidays!
Remembering to be thankful here.
I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Santa & Reindeer Sighting, Ornaments Finished, Holiday Fun

'Grand muffins' visiting the Koi pond at the Carpinito Bros market.

One of Santa's reindeer making a quick visit before the big day. 

Moses the camel, supposedly descended from the first camels at the Nativity scene.

Santa and escort.

Littlest 'grand muffin.'

Fun with 'grand muffins.' 

Santa's helpers' cottage.

My Scottie doggy ornaments.

Hello from sunny and cold Renton, WA in the Pac NW.
Where we are busy enjoying holiday activities with son, daughter and their families.
We've been very busy.

We went to visit Santa and had to wait a few minutes while he was taking a break at a coffee shop. Break time over he jollied his way back to business to find out what the children wanted for Christmas.

Then we had to visit Carpinito Bros. produce market to see the 'nativity' camel and a couple of Santa's reindeer. Cookies have been made and eaten. Songs have been sung. We've colored with color crayons and made lots of art. I don't know if I can keep this pace up. But I'm smiling.

I hope you're enjoying the season, cold or warm.
Remembering to be thankful here.

I'll be by to visit.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

New Improv Patchwork Book by Maria Shell, Christmas Ornaments, Butterfly for December

I'm making little felt Scottie dogs for Christmas ornaments.

Debbie @ Quilter's Table recommended this book, it came in the mail today.

Butterfly for December, Common Buckeye.

Happy December! 
from the Pacific NW where we are enjoying family visiting from out of town. Things will be hopping around here, great fun!

Ann  and Cathy  are hosting Kaleidoscope of Butterflies # 23 and this will be their last time doing so.
I'm linking up with them to spread butterfly goodness, visit and share.
I like to celebrate the first of the month by posting the featured butterfly on my butterfly calendar.
This month is the Common Buckeye. They are found in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas.
In the butterfly stage they prefer pollen from yellow flowers.

I found a free pattern for little Scottie dog/Christmas felt ornaments by Jenny B. Harris @ So I'm making up lots of them, very cute. I'll put a Christmas plaid collar around their necks too; festive.

Debbie @ A Quilter's Table recommended Marie Shell's  book, 'Improv Patchwork, dynamic quilts made with line and shape'. It came today and looks like a good book when I get time I'll be pouring over it.
Debbie makes wonderful quilts so I figured if she recommends a book it's got to be inspiring.

That's what's going on in the north woods where I'm going to be busy enjoying lots of grandkids for a week or so.

Enjoy your weekend!
I'll be by to visit!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Seeing Red, Quilt Binding by Hand, Improv with AHIQ 27, Matchstick Quilting

Mr. colorful neighborhood woodpecker/sapsucker at work.

Hand stitching the binding down on my quilt.

I love the look of matchstick quilting, great texture.

Happy Monday from the Pacific NW!
 Where rain has let up and blue sky and sun are taking turns with clouds.
We're  staying with relatives, busy helping and sightseeing.

In the backyard a woodpecker/sapsucker has claimed a tree. I researched it and read that this kind of chipping away at a tree's bark for sap can kill it. It's not my tree so I'm not involved in the rescue. Plans are now being made by the 'responsible adults' to take steps to save the tree and deter the sapsucker. There's a whole forest out there to choose from after all. 

I've had time here and there to work on hand sewing the binding to the back of my wall/art quilt.
I started piecing it last fall when we were visiting my daughter and her family in New Hampshire.
I started with a traditional log cabin style block and used color to make it exciting.
I've submitted it to a quilt show, who knows maybe it'll be accepted.
The binding is almost done!
I'm linking up with Ann and Kaja for AHIQ 27 celebrating improvisation in quilt design.

Also stop by to visit Victoria Gertenbach @ thesillyboodilly to see her beautiful embroidery/stitching projects and catch her interview on American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast. 

That's the news from the shire where I'm remembering to be thankful.

Have a good week and I'll be by to visit.

Monday, November 20, 2017

NW Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival, Thanksgiving!, Quilt Binding, Embroidery & Buttons

We went here Saturday.
Big Foot was there to greet everyone.

There were colorful bags, quilt fabrics, patterns and more.

Beautiful 'Hawaiian' quilt on display.

Shibori Dragon Quilt Shop had a great display and Japanese fabric.

The big local Sewing Store had a huge display and they were ready to sell!

Mt. Rainier, 14,000 + ft., on the way home, had to get a photo.

I squared up my 18" x 60" runner/wallart, it's ready for binding.

More sewing on buttons and adding hand embroidery on my sewing 'toolies.'

Happy Thanksgiving Week from the Pacific NW!
Where we are staying with relatives, helping and sightseeing when we get a chance.

Saturday we went to the NW Quilt, Craft & Quilt Festival held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.
There were lots of vendors and everything you can imagine having to do with quilts/crafts.
The crowd wasn't bad. There were other shows going on at the same time at the fairgrounds (guns, junk, antique) so we had to make sure and get the right gate.
It was fun and inspiring.

Today I cut binding and got it sewn together ready for my runner/wall art, 18" x 60".
Tomorrow it'll be done. 
I also put more finishing touches on my needle books; sewed on more mother of pearl buttons and adding hand embroidery.

Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts has fun small projects and a cute pattern for a thread catcher. She also has a great book No Scrap Left Behind, make sure and take a look.

And that's the news from the shire where we are thankful for everything the Good Lord has blessed us with.
I hope you have a good week.
I'll be by to visit.