Monday, August 7, 2017

Peaches and Improv Piecing Class and a Trade

Aren't they gorgeous? They smell as good as they look.

Blocks I made in Debbie Feske's Improv Class .

 Log cabin block I made at home.

Debbie @ A Quilter's Table blog is hosting a string improv  quilt-a-long.

I exchanged my Juki Mini for a Pfaff Expression 3.5.

Hello from sunny Renton, Washington!
Where chasing after our one year old grandson is great fun, always something new.
You should see him do 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', so cute.
My daughter-in-law brought home those (above) ripe, heavenly peaches. Nothing like a good peach in summer.

The class, Improv Piecing by Debbie Feske @ A Quilter's Table, link above, was great. Debbie's pleasant easy to understand style was the best! So I'm going to be putting together improv blocks based on traditional blocks, that's what I like to do anyway. The class was at Gossypium Quilt Shop in Issaquah, WA .

And you might be wondering, 'Why did she exchange her Juki Mini for a Pfaff Expression?
The Juki was giving me tension fits, literally and figuratively.
I want to sew, not run into the sewing shop every other day, trying this and then that and still not producing a decent stitch. I finally said to myself, 'This is not worth it. I'll take a machine that can sew a great stitch all the time, thank you.' And the Pfaff has a hard case so I can carry it.
And I need a machine that's portable right now, the Juki was too heavy. 
So that's the story.

At last I'm getting some sewing done and getting outside to enjoy the weather and the wild berries.
Hope you're having a good summer and don't forget to visit the local farmer's market.
You never know what you'll find there.

I'll be by to visit.