Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Color Calendar for May, Favorite Sewing Tools, Josef and Anni Albers Influencial Modern Artists

May's color romantic purple!

One of my favorite sewing accoutrement bags, machine quilted by me.

What's inside, those thimbles work great.

My needle book, my design.

And my Yazzii  tool tote can hold a lot.

The zipper pockets are handy and you can see what's in them.

Hello from beside the river!
Where the mountain air is delightful.

My color calendar features purple for the month of May. The calendar uses these words for purple, inspirational, spiritual, extravagant, noble, magical, mysterious. Fun with color and words!

Make sure and visit Stitchin' Post with Jean Wells and read her excellent post ' Dreaming in Color, Supporting Colors'. Jean has a great way with color and she's a good communicator.

And Debbie Feske in her post Unmatched , listed Josef Albers as an inspiration for her newest repurposed art quilt, which turned out amazing.
For tons of inspiration read up on Josef Albers and his wife Anni Albers and peruse their art work. They were and are still influential in the modern abstract art world.

That quilt friends is the quilt news from beside the river.
Where color is being appreciated and studied, and I'm remembering to be thankful.

What's your take on color this month? Are you busy with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and dark green?

I'll be by to visit.