Saturday, November 5, 2016

Liberated Scrappy X's & O's Kona Solids....

X's & O's blocks are 2" x 2" sewn.

I'm using Kona solids and some prints.

Happy weekend from New Hampshire!

The people who've lived here a while like to use the word 'traditional' a lot. It must mean something to them. I'm getting comfortable driving around town and finding the local markets. I like to strike up conversations whenever I get a chance while shopping, very friendly folks around here.

In my newest three projects I've used Kona solids. Kona cotton is generally less expensive but I notice it frays easily. It can snag easily and then 1/4" can be lost. But I wanted to work with it to get some solid colors and for that it's fine.
This small version of X's & O's is scrappy, using Gwen Marston's liberated approach. I bought Gwen Marston's course, 'Abstract Quilts in Solids' through . Excellent resource whether you're an experienced quilter or a newbie.

I'm still frequenting the local quilt shop, Pine Tree Quilt Shop. They have a good selection of Kona solids and other great fabrics etc. I've noticed a sample quilt, Blueberry Hill by Villa Rosa Designs 
at Pine Tree Quilts, very cool, geometric,  done in batiks. I'm attracted to that, take a look and see the pattern. Someday I'd like to do that pattern for myself in batiks.

Have a great day and remember to be thankful even for small things, it sure brightens up the day!