Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crazy Quilt Style,Chocolate n' Strawberries, silks and beads.......

New art, center, from Lilla @ .

Work station, with tools, threads, beads etc.

 I've been sewing beads onto my sewing kit, Chocolate n' Strawberries, close to finishing it!
I have been working on an art quilt, sewing on binding. Another art quilt I sent in to Art Quilt Studio, to be considered for publication.
So little by little things get done. I work best when not in a hurry. How about You?
I also visited Lilla @
She is one of my favorite artists, she is very versatile and her work is fabulous and fun. I bought her 'lovely lady' to go with my pin cushion doll, 'blue lady', now they are friends. Beauty and joy are contagious, if you dare to let them in.

Beads sewn on, note iridescent heart bead, lovely.