Monday, September 1, 2014

Crazy quilt, Modern embroidery, "Prairie"

"Prairie" sampler with hand embroidery and embellishment, 2013

Close-up, laces, prairie points, hand embroidery.

 This is a sampler from the online class I took in 2013, Alchemy, by Karen Ruane . Such an excellent course, I learned so much and got a lot of inspiration and encouragement to venture forth in the spirit of modern embroidery.
I made a crazy quilt piece and cut it up for different projects. This sampler is from the same piece I used for my 3 sewing kits in the "Prairie" series. I have finished 2 "Prairie" sewing kits and I am now starting on the 3rd. The retro vintage buttons are from, Benno's Buttons & Trims , they have some beautiful treasures.

Feather stitch on linen, trims and laces with french knots.