Friday, October 2, 2015

Log Cabin blocks a little Improv a little Modern

Log Cabin blocks, original 4, approx. 18" x 18" ea.

Original 4 blocks, cut into 4ths each and sewn back together.

16 blocks all together, 4 blocks x 4, approx. 35" x 33".

Close up view.

I read Beth's blog about how she had made a big log cabin block and cut it up and I was inspired. So yesterday I got brave and using four big log cabin blocks I had made up a while ago, I stacked them and sliced them into fourths giving me 16 blocks. Then I played around on paper with my ruler and pencil and markers, figuring out how I wanted to sew them together. Log Cabin blocks can be arranged in some really fun designs! With my plan on paper I laid them out and sewed them together adding strips of fabric to get them all the right size to fit like I wanted them to. This was a bit improvisational. I know different people use that term to mean different things. When I use it I mean using what you have and arranging it in a way that is pleasing to you, using your 'voice.'
I also decided I like pressing seams to the side when using a 'scant' 1/4 inch seam. It seems to me to add strength. I noticed when I press 'scant' 1/4" seams open they can tend to unravel at the cross seams. I'm not going to use 'scant' 1/4" seams anymore for that reason and I'm going to press seams to the side as I have in the past. I read some article that pressing seams open reduces bulk. I think in garment construction that's good but quilts are different. Full on 1/4 inch seams and pressing to the side, that's what I have been doing and it's worked fine for me.
Isn't orange a great color? Purple sets it off so amazingly.
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