Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Santa Clara series #3 quilt & Asian Theme fabrics..

Santa Clara series #3, machine quilted with a walking foot.

Machine quilting back view, #3.
Santa Clara #2, Machine quilted with all purpose foot, washed and dried.

 Last couple of days I have been machine quilting #3 in my Santa Clara series, it's 39" x 22" with a 2" border. I'm using a walking foot which on my machine is slow. When I'm finished quilting and binding it then I'll wash and dry it and see how it compares to my Santa Clara #2, 54" x 17" with no border, that I used the all purpose foot on. I purposefully used the orange colored thread to make the quilting stand out as part of the design whole. The idea of my Santa Clara series was to repeat the diamond like summer colors in Santa Clara, CA.
Visiting one of my favorite fabric stores, for a break, I found these lovely Asian theme fat-quarters. The blue fabric behind them was a blue I had to have, it's made in S. Korea, they put out fabulous fabrics with a rich feel.
This is my Wednesday progress...remember to check in at Fret not Yourself blog to see a lovely New York Beauty in progress.
Have a great day!

Fabric I couldn't resist, Asian theme, the blue fabric is made in S. Korea.