Saturday, July 2, 2016

Butterfly Blocks, Celebrating Butterflies with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies....

My butterfly calendar, month of July, and some blocks I'm working on.

Butterfly blocks for a mini quilt, design by Fig Tree Co.

Red Spot Jezebel is the July showcase in my butterfly calendar, I like the colors in the photo. 
I found a butterfly mini quilt, designed by Fig Tree & Co., that looked like a fun project. I don't know yet if I'll follow the pattern exactly or improvise around the blocks a little. The blocks are about 4" x 4", and they're a bit fiddly until you remember which corners get snowballed without having to have the pattern in front of you.
I've been noticing more Monarchs in my neighborhood, I think they know when they're being admired. 

Happy Fourth of July!!